Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Larwyn's Linx: Next on 'When Congressmen Attack!'

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Next on: When Congressmen Attack!: Malkin
Opponent responds to Etheridge assault on film crew: RWN
Friends in high places: the New Black Panther coverup: JRubin

Obama will use Oval Office speech to politicize Gulf disaster: AT
Yet again: the NRA sells out freedom to Democrats: RedState
Mr. President, You're Stuck on Stupid: AT


The Other National Debt: NRO
Unions rescued in Rhode Island: LegalIns
It's official: fed worrying about double dip: Insider

Climate & Energy

Jindal defies administration, starting building barriers: GWP
UN Scientist: There was never a consensus on warming: GWP
Renewable Energy: There Ain't No Free Lunch: PJM


Obama can't talk away these problems: Hugh Hewitt
Eric Boehlert: Still Wearing the “Kick Me” Sign: Patterico
How about a self-defense course for students?: EternityRoad

American Journalism, Brought to you By The Democrat Party: RWN
News Flash: WaPo Filled With Bitter Partisans!: GWP
Credit Where Credit Is Due: R&R

It's Come to This: Newsweek Goes to War Against Marriage: RWN
Snotty kid versus Congressman: Troglopundit
Democrats clamor for Clinton as Obama stand-in: RollCall


Muslim Student Group Gets The “Shut Up & Sit Down” Notice: GoV
Media, Academia Destroying Themselves Over Israel: BRubin
Obama Administration Eases Ban on Funds for Sex Trafficking Groups: NCR

The Left’s Reaction to Afghanistan’s New Mineral Riches‎: RWN
Under Socialized Medicine, Belgian Nurses Admit to Killing Patients: RWN
29 inmates killed in Mexico prison clashes: Breitbart


One Company's Switch from BlackBerry to iPhone: New OS is Key: CIO
RIM's Now Testing Its BlackBerry iPad and BlackBerry iPhone: Insider
Detecting Browser History: Schneier


The Testament of Freedom: AmDigest
A Guide to Media Dinosaurs: Doswell
MLB Players: No Instant Replay And We Love Jim Joyce: RWN

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Alz said...

Re: the picture of Obama as Spock. Spock was logical and worked to make things better.

Obama is not logical and doesn't work to make things better.

A better picture is Apophis from Stargate.