Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Invasion Continues as Drug-, Arms- and Human-Smuggling Gangs Operate in Arizona with Complete Impunity

The magnificent BorderInvasionPics.com website just posted its latest hidden-camera videos from the corridors controlled by Mexican drug- and human-smuggling gangs.

Day after day, BIP documents the unchecked flow of smugglers, armed criminals, the ill, the poor and others of unknown origin into the U.S.

Local law enforcement in Arizona says that "Mexican drug cartels now control parts of Arizona.

And the President and Democrats in Congress don't give a damn, no matter how many Americans are hurt, no matter how many cops are killed, no matter how much damage is done to our society.

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Anyone know what you call it when heavily armed intruders cross the border into the U.S. unmolested by authorities? Oh, that's right: Arizona.

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