Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Larwyn's Linx: Four State Election Results -- a Tuesday Full of Awesome

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Four State Election Results: Malkin
A Tuesday Full of Awesome: RWN
Missouri: the next health care battle: GWP

Harry and Nancy's Last Stand: PJM
Maverick: Obama told me the same thing he told Kyl: Ace
Whether he likes it or not, Obama must command: Barone


Dems craft rules to keep lobbyist cash flowing: Carney
HAMP fails: more foreclosures on the way: Insider
Public Interest Group vs. McDonald's: Patterico

The Chart the NEA doesn't want you to see: BigGovt
Enemy at the Gates: Belmont Club
Maywood, CA fires all employees: Mish

Climate & Energy

Ken Salazar gets an ass-kicking: Malkin
Obama Doubles Down: Hot Air
The Smart Grid Trojan Horse: AT

The Spill Commission and the Missing Experts: AT
Obama’s energy secretary in 2007: BP is going to help save the world or something: Hot Air


Fish Wrap – 'Hey, Pass The Unemployment Extension All Ready!': RWN
When Pragmatists Attack: Protein Wisdom
The Failed Frontal Assault of Fareed Zakaria: Ledeen

Paul Krugman: Two Economists in One: AT
Trib: Those Poor Muslims Forced to Sell Pork Rinds in Chicago: RWN
Was Today The Dawning Of The Day Of The Court?: Hindenblog


Gaza Opulence: AT
Suppose Turkey Transfers U.S. Technology and Tactics to Iran and Syria: JINSA
Make The Lie Big, Make It Simple, Keep Saying It And Eventually They Will Believe it: Jawa

Jimmy Carter Upset That SCOTUS Ruling Means He Can’t Pal Around With Terrorists Anymore: Newsreal
Ted Kennedy's KGB Correspondence: AmSpec
Foreclosed-on CT Dad is Muslim Soldier: S&L


I came under the knife and back again - with tips for you.: Divine Ripples
Amazing Hubble Video Reveals Bubbles and Baby Stars: TAB
Preparing for iPhone 4 Launch Day: CNet


Officially our best-ever cease and desist letter ever: Blurgh
Obama replaced Churchill bust in Oval Office with picture of himself walking on water: GWP
The World Cup is Racist!: GGDF

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