Sunday, June 13, 2010

Larwyn's Linx: "The exact opposite of leadership"

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"The exact opposite of leadership": Pundette
A Dem Tradition: Try to Sound Like Republicans: RWN
President begs GOP for doc fix favor: RedState

It's come to this: Democrats talk about Social Security: RWN
Problem-solvers and Butt-Kickers: AT
CPUSA plans Dem comeback in November: NewZeal


The Bailout of Public Sector Unions Has Begun: Ace
Hey, let's send an SEIU hack to Congress!: LegalIns
Alinskys in Action: AmSpec

MEA protests private janitors while using them: BlogProf
No Teacher Left Behind: AT
50 unbelievable stats about the U.S. economy: EOTAD

Climate & Energy

Obama moratorium: Oil rigs moving to Brazil: GWP
Who's lying about the oil boom?: PJM
I am in Complete Control: BOsOilSpill

How Does a Rig 'Miss' 16 Inspections?: GrandRants
What is the Jones Act -- and why won't Obama waive it?: Greenroom
A Geopolitical Game-Changer: Haaretz


         DISGUSTED         : R&R
Ayaan Hirsi Ali: a Work in Progress: Gates of Vienna
Obama Blames Folks For Things He Imagines They Would Say: RedState

A Wonderful Example of the Left’s Fascism at Chicagoland Radio and Media Message Board: RWN
Newsweek Compares Alvin Greene to Sarah Palin: C&S


Paralyzing American Power: AT
Middle East Studies Profs Lead Charge to Censure Israel: AT
The Free Gaza Movement and Hamas: AT

The Very Model of a Modern Major Generalist : Steyn
Saudi Arabia gives Israel clear skies to attack Iranian nuclear sites: Times UK
How Pretty Israel Is - The Video: LegalIns


Political parties lose control as Internet aids challengers: Times
Bill gives President unlimited Internet powers: CNet
Solar light bulb to shine on developing world: CNet


Saturday Blonde Joke: Denny
Does England Have a 'Mudville'?: Gates of Vienna
Bravely Bold Sir Barry: Doswell

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