Monday, June 14, 2010

Larwyn's Linx: Obama to Congress -- Send Money!

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Obama to Congress: Send Money: Patterico
Rancher shows video of armed Mexicans Invading America: WZ
Government by the Faculty Lounge: Hanson

Jerry Brown says Meg Whitman's Campaign is Nazi-like: RWN
Students instructed to chant Obama's name: GWP
Abolishing the Dept. of Education isn't extreme: WashExam


About Obama’s $50 Billion Bailout Request…: Nice Deb
Gulf Coast: another victim of Obama's union ties: Moonbattery
The World's Money Problem: AT

Psst: how much will you pay me to fill out forms?: RWN
White House turned down help from Britain and Netherlands: GWP
We need to save the same jobs again with $50B more!: Hot Air

Climate & Energy

Fuel America with Terrorist-tarred Oil Or Our Own, Baby?: Palin
This job, too, is beneath Obama: Steyn
The 'Green Energy' Fairy Tale: PJM


Has the President Lost His Bearings?: PJM
Academia's latest propaganda factory, the 'Cry Wolf' project: WashExam
Whitewash versus Paint: Belmont Club

NYTs “Walter Duranty” Bureau Chief In Istanbul: Kesler
Daily Kos on Helen Thomas: Jews Back to Poland Just 'Human Nature': AmPower
President Officially Pushes for State Aid: FakeMSM


The Gaza Flotilla Ambush: What Did the White House Know?: AT (Lewis)
China’s Military Threatens America: ‘We Will Hurt You’: PJM
Iranian Official: Egypt Has Authorized Iranian Delegation to Enter Gaza: MEMRI

A Brave, New Turkey: Hanson
'We are totally unprepared': Noonan
Government Is The Same Everywhere: Slow, Stupid, And Incompetent: RWN


PayPal: Outrageous Fortune: Belmont Club
Scale of the Universe: CBullitt
Planned Parenthood begins campaign requiring health insurers to hand out contraception: APP


Empire State Building Refuses Lighting for Marine Corps Birthday, But Welcomed Muslim Holiday: Powers
The Tolerant Left Responds to the Helen Thomas Firing: Rabbi Live (NSFW)
An Army Travels on its Stomach: MoneyRunner

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