Sunday, June 20, 2010

Larwyn's Linx: Souter Attacks Originalism

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Souter Attacks Originalism: AT
Al Franken's Bad Judicial Comedy: RWN
The President Does a Jones Act: WSJ

Your Weekly Address: “Republicans Blocking Progress”: Patterico
Chicago Police Chief Can't Justify Dem Gun Ban: RWN
What I saw at the Lakers riots: Dunphy


White House slams BP CEO's Yachting while Obama golfs: DC
Stimtastic! Obama visits Columbus, Ohio: Virtuous
ACORN Youth Union Funded by... DOJ?: BlogProf

Climate & Energy

The Post Climate-Gate Consensus: AT
Scientists & Science Journalists - Please Grow Up: NoFrak
The Outlier: Collide-a-scape

Ouch! Enviros Call Democrats 'Notorious Terrorist Group': RWN
AGW Comedy Chart of the Week: CBullitt
BP Oil Spill is ‘Ecological Armageddon’: RWN


Andrew Sullivan, Paranoid Gyn Nut: Instapundit
Newsweek Intern Attempts to Describe Hayek’s Road to Serfdom: Massive FAIL: RSM
My Evening with Bill Ayers, Cindy Sheehan, and Some Creepy Communist Lady: PJM

Landmark Files First Amicus Curiae Brief in Virginia Comonwealth Case Against Obamacare: Landmark
Islam: Antithetical to Religious Freedom: AT
A Needed Corrective: Ace


White House Undercutting Congress's Sanctions on Iran: BRubin
Left-Wing Lobbyists Orchestrate Gaza Campaign: Timmerman
Israel's Right to Exist Bubble: AT

Why Israel and the U.S. are in Crisis: Geller
Merkel says no to Obama: no more deficit spending: GWP
Saudi women threaten to breastfeed drivers: Maktoob


National Science Foundation funds study to prove ObamaCare opposition is racist: BlogProf
Female Mutilation, Ivy League Edition: RWN
Report: Facebook '09 revenues as high as $800 M: CNet


My Youth in One Email: AmDigest
Mixed Martial Arts: The Sport of the Future: Ace
An Oil Spill Runs Through It: BOOS

Images: Maktoob
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