Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Stick a Fork in BP: Jamie Gorelick Hired as Chief Litigator

As if you needed another reason to short BP:

BP executives, armed with legal advisors, arrived Wednesday for talks with President Barack Obama and top White House lawyers on the fallout from the massive Gulf of Mexico oil spill. [BP's legal advisers include] general counsel Rupert Bondy, and litigator Jamie Gorelick from top US law firm WilmerHale.

A senior Obama aide said early Wednesday the White House intended to use every "legal device" to make BP meet the costs of cleaning up the Gulf states and restoring the region...

...In a late night Oval Office primetime address Obama vowed to make BP pay for its "recklessness" in triggering the nation's worst ever environmental disaster which has left millions of gallons of oil sloshing around in the Gulf.

In his speech laced with battle tones, he warned America could be left fighting the "epidemic" of the massive oil spill on its southern shores for years to come.

Yes, you read that right: BP's top outside counsel appears to be none other than Jamie Gorelick, the world-renowned Mistress of Disaster.

You know, the former Clinton crony responsible for building the wall between the intelligence community and law enforcement that helped lead to 9/11. Oh, and after that success, Gorelick landed at Fannie Mae. There, she helped orchestrate all sorts of interesting accounting practices while pulling down $26 million, leaving just before the entire place imploded.

Now that I think about it, hiring Gorelick may have been a good move by BP. Usually when The Mistress of Disaster's involved, it's the American people who have to absorb the trillion-dollar hit.


Whitehall said...

I was absolutely STUNNED to read that BP had hired Gorelick.

This is a sure sign that something shady is going on, behind the scenes.

Duncan Idaho said...

So that's what the smell is! Sweet, sweet desperation.

BP will get "done" in more ways than like a cheap five dollar (prostitute) at a porn convention.