Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Larwyn's Linx: Amnesty -- It's Already Happening

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Amnesty -- It's Already Happening: RWN
Palin's Advice to Obama: Certain to be Ignored: GWP
Oh Dear, Break Out the Pudding -- Murkowski Concedes: Ace

Let's Review--How Palin Dominates GOP: AmDig
A Communist Agent in Bernie Sanders' Camp?: NoisyRoom
What American President Would Do That?: AT


Iowa Electronic Markets update: TigerHawk
Caution: Big Labor hypocrisy at work: Malkin
It's the Spending, Stupid: Blumer

The Arrogance of The Public Employee Union Member: RWN
Even in Ohio, Communists Back Dem Bill O’Neill: NoisyRoom
A Termite-Riddled House: Treasury Bonds: ZH

Proof: Democrats at Fault for Recession: RHP
Oops: Left Can't Blame War for Deficit: Investors
Investment Implications of Votto's At Bat: Sargen

Climate & Energy

Very interesting read on Sarah Palin: NoisyRoom
A climate warmer guru bails and talks about it--and Al Gore: MagNote
Three More Outrageously False Statements from NOAA: PJM


Carlson: I'll Donate $1K to Charity if the Idea Wizard Behind ‘Recovery Summer’ Steps Forward: WZ
The Left Brought The Wave Down On Itself: LegalIns
Go Ahead, Ed: R&R

The Media Loses Readers and Viewers to its Own Radicalism: Sultan Knish
Liberals Just Can't Figure Out The Tea Party: Gormogons
CNN’s Zakaria Presents Hezbollah as a Model of Religious Tolerance: GWP

The Couric-Rich Model--The Five Stages of MSM Grief: Driscoll
WaPo: Beck Rally Raises Questions: Patterico
Beck launches 'Conservative HuffPo': Treacher

Fair and Balanced: Today Show Hosts Race Hustlers: BlogProf
C-SPAN's 'Washington Journal' -- Home of the Anti-Jewish Lunatic Fringe: AT


Barack Obama on Iraq: Then and now: Malkin
Terrorist Trial Run Intercepted: RWN
Iraq, Obama and the Surge: Captain's Journal

Muslim Brotherhood Gets Direct Access to White House, Gov. Rick Perry -- Not So Much: MagNote
History Written By the Losers: Doc Zero
Iranian Regime: The Zionist Nation Is Going Nowhere But Towards Annihilation: GWP


HP Holds Navy Network ‘Hostage’ for $3.3 Billion: Wired
HP to pay $55 million to settle kickback allegations: CNet
DOJ New Website Banner: Janet Reno Eric Holder Both Fond of New Quote: MagNote


Economics and Wars and Religion. Oh My!: MOTUS
There Was Edison, Tesla, Oppenheimer, Ford – Now There is Zable: iOTW
Alcoholic Animals – Drunk Baboons: Sad Hill News

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