Sunday, September 19, 2010

Great Dabblers Throughout History

You say Christine O'Donnell dabbled into high school witchcraft? Really?

Oh, yes. The naysayers are right. She's unelectable.

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Joan of Argghh! said...


I was just sitting here thinking about "dabbled" and how to properly mock the mock outrage.

You just rocked the mock!s

Joan of Argghh! said...

"I dabbled into Reality." -The Left

Phil said...

Funny post!
Did you see one of the links at your site, about Hilary's seance?

M. Simon said...

Link to Hilary's seance.

Joan of Argghh! said...

"I only dabbled into gynecology."
-Andrew Sullivan

Anonymous said...

So, now Conservatives, (those on my side) want Candidates who are as misguided and nutty as FRANK, Kennedy, Obama, Byrd?

I mean, can't some of the finer Conservative Pundits who advocated for this unknown, inexperienced, dishonest, young Woman admit this is a rather big embarrassment?

Looking at this tape, she really does look like someone who will say and do anything to get ahead.

We see a lot of this today, with many distorting a strong Conservative Movement, by playing an identity game.

Anytime we are saying, "well so what, many of the Democratic Party candidates had just as bad as a background"?

We have a bad a Candidate...

And if it ends up costing us a Republican Majority in the Senate, well then some have to also admit, being objective and honest - "we made a mistake".

It is essential for credibility.

As Conservatives, we should not fail to be honest about reality.

Noelie said...

What difference does a "Republican" Majority make if they just vote with the democrats anyway. Get off thinking this is about the letters bhind the names and who has MORE! Castle is only democrat lite!
I am tired it. Others are tired of it. Quit moaning about it being about purity. I want someone to represent me and so far no divisive, Immoderate, moderate seems to. You get all hyper about having more "R" when they really aren't any different than a "D".

M. Simon said...


I have been holding my nose and voting R for the last few cycles.

What I'm loving about this cycle is the Palin crew. Totally. Socon libertarians. Or" "Leave Us Alone Socons".

They are the antidote to the "Government can..." socons. The new breed says: "No it can't."

I ♥ Sarah'cudda

blue star said...

@M. Simon: Great comment. Agree 100%. I love "Socon libertarians."

Anonymous said...

Anonymous: Is that you, DrewM?

Anonymous said...

Joy Behar

I've dabbled in Bitchcraft

Anonymous Lennie

BTWD (By the way Doug)we are currently dabbling in a contest on this very theme over at iowntheworld. Tell you what, here's a link