Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Larwyn's Linx: Obama activist linked to group accused of vote fraud

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Obama activists linked to group accused of vote fraud: Patterico
One Party Washington? No-Party Insurgency.: ProWis
How to Alienate Voters: Pundette

Revese Midas Touch: Feingold, Students Avoid Obama in WI: Malkin
The Pigford Pig-Out and the Election: AT
In IL Congressional Race, Questions About 'Charity': Medill

Terror Suspects were Active in Obama's Socialist 'New Party': NewZeal
Let’s Attack Christine O’Donnell’s LinkedIn Page!: RedState
A Fly in Rahm's Ointment: Malkin


Thanks, Dems: 22K Mass. Seniors Losing Health Coverage: Patterico
The Coming Chris Coons Housing Bubble: Blue Hen
Quantitative Short Squeezing: AT

One Nation Working Together Rally – Socialists Unite: SHN
Stop Printing Money!: IBD
ObamaCare's Hotel California: WSJ

Climate & Energy

Obama jobs death toll: EPA wreckage and drilling moratorium aftermath: Malkin
Green Money: the Perpetual Lawsuit Motion Machine: PJM
Proposed EPA Rules on Lead Paint: AT


Rolling Stone’s tongue-bath interview with President Obama: Hot Air
I love the smell of socialist desperation in the morning: Cold Fury
Scapegoating Progressive Bloggers for the Obama Administration’s Failures?: RWN

Coates Exposes Intellectual Bankruptcy of Legacy Media, Obama Administration Defenders: PJM
Comrade Obama is Not a Muslim: Moonbattery
Race Map of Detroit: BlogProf

Paul Krugman: Two Columnists in One: RWN
McMahon and O'Donnell Madden Media Mudslingers: AT
MSNBC calls out Grayson: Babalu


Is an attack imminent? Connecting the dots...: TAB
FBI Terror Sweep in Chicago Involves FARC and Palestinian Connections--and Ties To Obama: Babalublog
Woodward: Obama threatened to send only 11,000 trainers to Afghanistan: HNN

A Terrorist Attack That America Cannot Absorb: CJ


Stuxnet attack hits Iran nuclear plant: Secure Computing
Better Boost Your Stats: Gild Turns Hunting For A Tech Job Into A Game: TechCrunch
A question in light of Stuxnet: LegalIns


A Matter of Loaf and Death: C&S
This is Your Brain on Cuccinelli: Doswell
Why gold was legislated in 'health care reform': Cold Fury

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