Saturday, September 25, 2010

What Do You Call a Group of Terror-Supporters, Racists and Communists Under One Roof? Since 1/09, That Would Be The Department of 'Justice'

You've probably read the recent reports by Justice Department whisteblowers alleging institutionalized racism by the agency's Voting Rights Division. The most visible example, of course, was the non-prosecution of the 'New Black Panthers' who threatened voters at a Philadelphia polling place.

But the DOJ is not simply infested with racists.

Recall that other senior Justice officials under Attorney General Eric Holder were members of the "Gitmo Nine". This cadre of attorneys helped defend terrorist detainees imprisoned at Guantanamo, many pro bono -- i.e., out of the "goodness" of their hearts. In other words, senior members of Holder's crew volunteered their time to defend those who had a direct or indirect involvement in the barbaric 9/11 attacks that killed 3,000 Americans.

In its attempts to defend its outrageous behavior, the Justice Department has all but bragged that it will also hire Communists. RedState's Moe Lane catches an utterly bizarre statement in the Washington Post's reporting of the whistleblower testimony.

Justice officials tried to turn around the [racism] allegations, pointing to internal watchdog reports accusing the George W. Bush administration of politicizing hiring in the civil rights division. The watchdogs concluded, for example, that the division's former head refused to hire lawyers who he labeled "commies."

Yes, the Holder Justice Department believes that failing to hire Communists -- the very enemies that America battled tooth-and-nail during the Cold War -- is somehow equivalent to institutionalized racism. Screening out the very Communists who would destroy America, apparently, is no longer a concern of the Obama DOJ.

The modern Democrat Party appears to have lost its collective mind. Although, I suppose with the election of Senate Majority leader Harry Reid, we already knew that.

Remember in November.

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Azerthoth said...

Interesting post, more interesting is that Title VII (equal rights act) specifically lists communists as being allowed to be discriminated against. Truth be told thats the only group that IS listed.