Thursday, September 30, 2010

Create Your Own 'October Surprise' Hit Piece for The New York Times!

It's easy -- even your kids can do it! Just make your selections and *poof* you're ready to submit your very own hit-piece to the fish wrap of record.

Special to The New York Times - The timing could not have been worse for Republican contender who was already trailing the Democrat candidate by according to the latest New York Times/Politico/CNN/MSNBC/Olbermann poll.

Earlier today anonymous sources revealed to the Times that the GOP candidate had once .

"This sort of shocking behavior is what we've come to expect from the party of Wall Street, Fannie Mae, ACORN, high taxes, and massive deficits," said Melvin Trotsky, the Democrat spokesman. After Trotsky was reminded that it was actually the Democrat Party that had taken the vast majority of contributions from Wall Street; orchestrated the subprime crisis and Fannie Mae's meltdown; supported hundreds of thousands of fraudulent voter registrations, absentee ballots, and stolen elections; and quadrupled the deficit, he apologized for the gaffes and blamed the misstatements on .

The revelations capped a bad week for the Republican, the third in a series of shocking, anonymously sourced Times exclusive reports. On Monday, reports surfaced that the GOP candidate had allegedly .

Even worse, on Tuesday the Times reported that the candidate had once .

When reached for comment, a Republican spokesperson denied the accusations, claiming that all of the allegations had been fabricated by "Bill Keller's disgusting band of - Continued on Page C-12

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