Saturday, September 25, 2010

Watershed Moment: A Few Minutes Ago, the New York Times Was Finally Forced to Report on the New Black Panther Whistleblower's Testimony

Moments ago, The New York Times finally reported on the testimony of Justice Department Civil Rights attorney Christopher Coates. The most experienced attorney in the Voting Rights division alleged institutionalized racism by the Holder DOJ. Worse for President Obama, Coates is a former ACLU attorney and was originally hired by Bill Clinton. He represents the antithesis of a 'right wing' zealot.

True, the Times' article will most likely appear on page B-17 of tomorrow's fish-wrap of record. Yes, the entire article is roughly three column-inches.

But since the ice was smashed with original reporting by the Washington Post, the DNC publicists at the Times appear to have given up on their information suppression campaign.

If proven true, Coates' allegations represent Watergate-level criminality by the Obama-Holder Justice Department. And the controversy just won't die, thanks to continued, original coverage by Pajamas Media, Michelle Malkin and other new media outlets.

As for the rest of the legacy media's reporting on Coates' testimony, the scoreboard stands as follows:

ABC News: nothing.
CBS News: one short AP wire story on 9/24.
NBC News: one short AP wire story on 9/24.
Politico: one story on 9/25.
Los Angeles Times: two articles including substantial original writing.
MediaMatters: one list of cherry-picked facts using the standard, Soros-approved damage-control format.

Watergate started with a botched break-in. Methinks the Times' reportage represents a real watershed moment in the pursuit of Eric Holder's bizarro DOJ.


Anonymous said...

I've been following this closely for some time. Even the piece you refer to here is nothing more than an AP story that goes in to NO detail...and it contains at least one very large LIE. Oh well...what else could we expect from Obama's fish wrap of record?

Reliapundit said...