Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Larwyn's Linx: Proof that the DNC, White House are Targeting Tea Parties

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Proof: DNC, Obama's Union Thugs Targeting Tea Parties: GWP
Time for the GOP to Unite: AT
Barbara Boxer's Bad Week, Part I: Geraghty

It’s Time To Start Linking Democrats To their Extremists: Nice Deb
Great: Tea Partier Arrested For Plot to Bomb Wrigley Field: Ace
Proof: DOJ lied about New Black Panther dismissal: Adams

Stop the Illegal Alien Bailout: Vote is Tue 2:15pm!: Malkin


The Only Part That Mattered In Obama's Telethon: Denninger
Oops. GM admits it didn't repay bailout money: Examiner
TX doctors take on ObamaCare, urge voting Dems out: PJM

How Defunding Obamacare Became A GOP Strategy: RWN
'Are You Better Off Than You Were Four Years Ago?': PJM
The Recession Ends?: AT

Alinsky-ite administration reveals conservative group's tax info: GWP
How the Estate Tax Kills Jobs: TaxProf
Dem Senate candidate spends day as... SEIU worker: Marathon

Climate & Energy

Boxer's Destruction Comes Back to Bite Her: Betsy's Page
Sen. Sherrod Brown Blames Green Energy Stimulus Fail On... China!: RWN
Al Gore's Baleful Brood: RWN


On Real Political Maturity: Pundette
GOP/Tea party linkage savvy move or sign of desperation?: Motley
Imam Claims Credit For Training NY Times Reporter Who Wrote Glowing Front Page Story on Ground Zero Mosque: WZ

Face the Racists: Obama's Town Hall 50% Less Changey, 80% Less Hopey Than Expected: Ace
Obama-bot to Dear Leader: 'I’m Exhausted Of Defending You': Malkin
Those cruel constitutionalists: AT

Horndog Harry Reid Calls Kirsten Gillibrand ‘The Hottest Member’…: WZ
Another Case Study In Media Bias (Delaware Edition): LegalIns
Obama slams down cheese-steak as Michelle urges that you eat tofu: BlogProf


Palestinians Reiterate They Will Never Recognize 'Israeli Zionist Jewish Empire' as a Jewish State: WZ
Soros’s Anti-Human-Rights Agenda: Bayefsky
How long before Obama thinks this is a really cool idea?: Fausta

How the West Bows Down Before Islam: Betsy's Page
Stunner: Radical Islamist Groups Support Ground Zero Mosque, Call for Three-Day 'Week of Dialogue' : JWF
Former Al Qaeda member: Islamist Terror Damages... Islam: HNN


Why Google Went Instant: TechReview
RIM files 'SurfBook' trademark in Canada: Engadget
Secrets of Apple's Customer Success: CNet


Yes Wiccan: iOTW (NSFW)
Top 15 Lisa Murkowski Campaign Slogans, Courtesy Of Twitter: RWN
Tim Scott Celebrates His Birthday…And a Whole Lot More: RWN

Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: Hit the Phones and Help Stop the DREAM Act!: Malkin

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