Thursday, September 30, 2010

Larwyn's Linx: GOP House Contenders Flying Under the Radar

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GOP House Contenders Flying Under the Radar: AT
Obama on Immigration: Audacity on Steroids: PJM
No Wonder Alan Grayson’s Getting Even Nuttier Than Usual: Malkin

Senate to Obama: No recess appointments for you!: Malkin
MI Dem 'Jokes': Deny Seniors End-of-Life Health Care: GWP
Schakowsky: 'Right' to Abortion = Taxpayers Should Fund 'Em: BlogProf

Snap! Baucus Wants Probe Of Advocacy Groups: RWN
Obama's tone: From inspirational to shrill: Pundette
Floggings will continue until morale improves: AT


Big Labor, not Tea Party, is workers’ worst enemy: Malkin
Companies Fleeing California in Record Numbers: Perry
Another SEIU Big Shot In Trouble: RWN

Houston Votes and the Che Obama Moonbat : Big Jolly
Christie Announces Sweeping NJ Education Reform: BlogProf
Mortgage Gate Just Got Weirder: Counterfeit Court Summons: ZH

Climate & Energy

Portrait of a Green Activist Who Scares Your Kids: WashExam
Hey EPA: Don't Mess With Texas: PJM
Nightmare on Green Street: AT


When a Journalist Hasn’t a Clue About the Constitution: RWN
Democrats or the Devil: Doc Zero
CNN's New Line of Attack -- Tea partiers are Political fundamentalists: AT

The October Surprises Start Early This Year: Driscoll
Confidence in Obama Lower than Even......... Nixon: AT
Perfect: Far Left Media Busted Concocting Meg Whitman Smear Story: GWP

What Will They Say?: ProWis
71% of Republicans Support Tea Party: ProWis
Distrust in U.S. Media Edges Up to Record High: Gallup


Obama Ally Hatem Abudayyeh Investigated for Terror Ties: RWN
All Tied Together: Belmont Club
Ireland's Doleful Lesson for The US: AT


The New Attack Against ASP.NET: Schneier
Fight for Senate antipiracy bill rages: CNet
Evercookies: Schneier


DOJ Official: Election is Rigged: C&S
Adventures! In! Spamland!: Camp o' the Saints
I take full credit for Sean Duffy’s new ad: RWN

Images: Maktoob Business: Union Protests in Spain
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Bob Belvedere said...

Thank you for the link love.

I'm considering starting an advice column for troubled and confused Progressives [ie: all of them] wherein I can seek to bring them into the light [and have loads of fun doing it].

Anonymous said...

Great links...

But you missed one big one, although she has so many bizarre fraudulent moments, I suppose it is just obvious now.

"Today, Internet political sites were abuzz about O’Donnell’s account, which states she earned a certificate in “Post Modernism in the New Millennium” from Oxford. She didn’t. She did take a course with the Phoenix Institute at their Oxford University location."

See the...
O'Donnell Disaster

O'Donnell reminds one of the dishonest Clintons, Kerrys, Kennedys, Shumers, Boxers, Obamas, Frankens, etc.

The entire thing is one big fraud of a joke. How do we get someone so dishonest, running on the Conservative side? You mean some are playing 'image' to further themselves on the good side? What a shocker...

Huckabee lied repeatedly about his record as well, even taxed and spent more than Clinton in Arkansas, but still some believe he is a real conservative.

We probably won't see this linked on Malkin, Hannity, Limbaugh, etc., the Fashionable Celebs never admit their folly. They really should move to Delaware for enabling the fashion, to at least vote. But credibility on this sophistry, even the reality Murkowski is challenging in Alaska, tells us even an admission of a mistake won't return much of the lost status of many big wigs.

The joke is sadly on us, after experiencing the horrid Democratic Partisan disaster in power once again. Yet, even with this painful destruction, the FASHION probably took a Seat we would have won - desperately needed to win - for the first time in Decades, (with a lackluster Castle in a die-hard Democrat Monopoly to at least vote with us half of the time), giving the good side one more to empower a Republican Majority to stick it to Democrats - instead of just returning another misguided Democrat pushing Pelosi-Reid-Obama nonsense for 6 long years.

Instead, we gave it to the Democrats!

That was certainly brilliant. Basically as bright as enabling every aspect of the Maverick Nomination - especially with the likes of the Fred Head hype.

Who knows however, the Democrats are so bad, maybe Americans will still choose a very nutty - dishonest O'Donnell in the end.

Pelosi got to be Speaker of the HOUSE in the USA, so anything can happen. Yet, if the TEA PARTY Express and the other Super Fashionable Conservative Punditry don't learn to do some homework, study their efforts, we might just end up enabling the Democrats even further.

The fashion was opposed to Christie in NJ, and thankfully, cooler - wiser heads prevailed.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, PS:

"WASHINGTON — A nonprofit evangelical group founded and run by Republican Senate nominee Christine O'Donnell of Delaware is at risk of losing its tax-exempt status for failing to file required federal tax forms."

O'Donnell Group Pulls A Geithner-Rangel-Daschle

Three years?

This organization looks like a theater prop for personal advancement. Sort of like how Hillary used the Senate, or how Code Pinkers created an organization to declare themselves in charge of something - which they would never obtain in the real world.

And the Tea Party Express pushed this as a Candidate for the Senate?

In Delaware?

Are they working for Obama?