Sunday, September 26, 2010

Larwyn's Linx: The Meltdown; Make Way for Hillary

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The Meltdown: Surber
Clarice's Pieces: Make Way for Hillary?: AT
Racist Tea-Bagger Calls Out Obama: Shark Tank

John Kerry Thinks Yur Stuped (but yu new dat all ready): LegalIns
An Ayers-Kennedy Rift: JOM
Liberal Dem suddenly loses all political affiliations: Hot Air

'Dearborn Four' acquitted of being Christians at Islamic rally: WZ
Left-wing groups plan giant rally on Mall: York
Seriously: Good Job, President Obama: Surber


Doing Nothing, as Dems Prefer, Is Certain to End Entitlements: RWN
Why California Is Out of Toilet Paper: Surber
Texas SEIU Member Registers 23,207 Fraudulent Voters: GWP

Officials Hid Size Of Pension Crisis: $2.5T?: CalPolNews
U.S. Credit Unions: First Bailout Apparently Didn't Take: WZ
Obama attacks wealthy Americans, John Boehner: GWP

Climate & Energy

8 Terrifying Ways Globull Warning Can Kill You Dead: RWN


NYT: Checkmate, Wingnuts; Left-Wing Sources Claim John ("Who?") Boehner Might Be Diddling Some Woman: Ace
Who Knew? 'Boehner’s Top Aide Is Little Known': JOM
Did I say 'rabid dogs'?: C&S

"Waiting for Superman," Waiting For The Left, and Remembering KJ Bentley: Hewitt
Chris Christie Handles Meg Whitman Heckler: Powers
Had An Affair With John Boehner? Please Call 1-866-NYT-DEMS: Malkin

Plenty of seats still available to hear The One: AT
Breitbart to Bill Maher: You know you’re not a libertarian anymore, right?: Hot Air
America: Ready for a New Direction: WashExam


At the UN, America Pays, Ahmadinejad Plays: Rosett
The OIC and the Modern Caliphate: AT
The Death of Laughter in China: PJM

The Arabs: Still Stuck on Rejectionism: AT
The Complacency and Complicity of America's Jews: AT
'The Most Important Blow Ever Against the FARC': PJM


Cyber War on Iran: the Siemens Connection: PJM
Why I Gave Up On Digg: CNet
The Lost Babies Of China's One-Child Policy : Sky


The Will of the People: America’s Last Best Hope: RWN
Comment o' the Day: Hmmmmmmmmm: HillBuzz
Daily Scoreboard: Surber

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"[T]here’s been a steadily-growing controversy over the [New Black Panther] situation, and [Christopher] Coates’s testimony yesterday was a bombshell. Coates - who, as the WaPo itself notes, is a Clinton appointee with ties to the ACLU - essentially said everything that I did in the last paragraph, only much more formally, and with names liberally named. Which is why the front page, and not, say, the ombudsman’s; Christopher Coates is not an easy figure to dismiss. Although I expect that there’s a staffer over at MMfA, OfA, or the DNC with a new weekend project." -- Moe Lane, RedState

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September 25, 2010 at 6:56 am

Hi boyz: The mystery man is one of Big Guy’s “closest friends” from Harvard, and Windy City local, Gregory Dingens.

Greggers is a 1986 magna cum laude graduate of Notre Dame and 1992 cum laude graduate of Harvard Law School, so he’s not as smart as Big Guy. He was a three-time Academic All-American defensive tackle playing under Gerry Faust at ND. He is currently a partner and head of investment banking at Monroe Securities, a boutique investment bank specializing in, are you ready for this, the community banking sector.

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