Saturday, September 25, 2010

Larwyn's Linx: The Color of Tea; It's a Women's Movement

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The Color of Tea: PJM
‘The Tea Party Movement Is a Women’s Movement’: RWN
National Review: Help Out Joe Miller: Con4Palin

Time for a Change at the DOJ: PJM
How far gone are the House Democrats?: Pundette
Harry Reid's Thugs Attack Angle Supporters: GWP

Which Malik Shabazz Visited White House in July 2009?: BigGovt
The Chicago Way Is Not Going Anywhere: RWN
Carnahan refused to clear dead people from voter rolls: GWP


How privileged Democrats pay for their houses: Malkin
A Nation in the Grip of Faulty Economics: AT
Pelosi Increased National Deficit Eightfold During Reign: GWP

The Huge Union Payoff You Never Heard About: RWN
Public Unions Still Begging for Tax Hikes, Handouts: Mish
The New Keynesian Model is a Fraud: Denninger

Climate & Energy

EdSec: Let's Turn Kids Into Good Environmental Citizens': RWN
Tom Friedman's Totalitarian Temptation: AT
Rep. Sarbanes Advocates Green Brainwashing for Children: BlogProf


Hippie-Punching: It's Not Just for Conservatives Any More: AnBlkCon
Racist Dem Loretta Sanchez `Did Not Intend to Offend Anyone’…: WZ
Sirhan Sirhan dedication backfires on Bill Ayers 36 years later: Zombie

Colbert: the perfect bookend for the 111th Congress: Driscoll
Report from the media conference call with NFIB's Brad Close about Mark Kirk: Marathon
The Flood is Coming: Babalublog

'I guess [the Coates] story has officially broken out of the blogosphere now': Instapundit
Hey, Feminists! Go Make Me A Sandwich: Wizbang
Christine O’Donnell on Socialism in America :AnBlkCon


President Obama’s Rwanda Moment: LATL
Texas Board of Education Calls for Textbook Publishers to Curtail Pro-Islam Bias: WZ
Meet the Muslim Superheroes who are Ready to Indoctrinate American Kids: FSM

Obama’s Afghanistan Strategy: They Win, We Lose: RWN
Freed US Hiker Meets With Ahmadinejad: WZ
Chart: Where Every Major Country Is In The Global Debt Cycle: Insider


Stuxnet Heralds New Generation of Targeted Attacks : Dark Reading
Google: Chrome Frame Ready for Prime Time CNet
Employee Monitoring--Coming Soon To A Network Near You: Dark Reading


This is Brilliant! I finally get it!: Dewey
‘Hope’ Artist Shepard Fairey Disappointed in Obama Presidency…: WZ
Hire a Vet: They’re not as stupid as John Kerry said they were.: MOTUS

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