Monday, September 20, 2010

Larwyn's Linx: See How High She Flies

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See How High She Flies: Power Line
'Evil enough': Chris Coons targeted leftist activists: Patterico
NapoliReno taunts Gov. Rick Perry: Six Meat

Stop the illegal alien bailout: here's the phone list: Malkin
Obama Spends Weekend Slamming Republicans: RWN
Franken's Fraudulent Vote Count Keeps Rising: WashExam

Who's Self-Loathing Now?: RWN
Rove Goes to Bat for the Democrats: GWP
A Political Prisoner in Illinois?: AT


Administration to Throw Anti-Tea Party Hail Mary?: GayPatriot
The Death of Medical Privacy: AT
Murkowski = The Face of the Combine: Chicago Boyz

For Whom Bell, California Tolls: AT
The 'War on Poverty' Is Lost: BlogProf
Another Real Estate Time Bomb: Title Troubles: NakedCap

Climate & Energy

Texas Sues to Block Bizarre "Global Warming" EPA Rules: WOAI


Levin: Christine O'Donnell is 'Smart to Bypass' Sunday Talk Shows: NewsBusters
When Lefties Go to Church: Nice Deb
The Uncivil Man from the Civil Rights Division: PJM

Take the Christine O’Donnell/Jimmy Carter Quiz!: Zombie
Rove aide: Kneel before The Architect, you puny website operators and Tea Party ingrates: Malkin
Two Constant Mistakes of the Mass Media: Dictatorships Don't Dictate; Almost Everyone's a Moderate: BRubin

The Mike Pence I Know: AT
If it’s better to be criticized than ignored, then thanks, Paul Krugman: RWN
Sean Duffy's Next Commercial: Troglopundit


Is Shariah the Same as Jewish Law?: Big Peace
Trade With China is About More than Money: Intellectual Property at Risk: WklyStd
Creeping Sharia: Britain goes halal... but no-one tells the public: Daily Mail

"Under attack" Muslims embrace Ground Zero Mosque: BrutHon
A Mosque at Ground Zero? Sure! A Synagogue in Litchfield, CT? Now, That's a Zoning Violation!: JPost
Wirecutters’ No-Ground-Zero-Mosque Idea: CBullitt


Niketown Infested By Bedbugs -- Closed Indefinitely As Bloodsucking Pest Crisis Continues: Insider
Facebook mulling a branded smartphone: CNet
Now Steve Jobs Is Having An Email Pissing Match with A College Journalism Student: Insider


Highlights From a Future Debate: Andrew's Problem
Our First Post-Partisan, Post-Racial President: MOTUS
It will ROKU: C&S

8 Examples of Celebrity Political Idiocy, Part 1: RWN
Who Is This 'Outlaw'?: C&S
Chi-Coms Release Latest Fashions: GWP

Images: HillBuzz
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: Fire Harry Reid: Support Sharron Angle for U.S. Senate

QOTD: "The last time we saw this level of paranoia at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue a guy known as Tricky Dick Nixon was roaming the halls. Looks like the ghost of Nixon is haunting Barack Obama." -- Larry Johnson

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