Thursday, September 23, 2010

Photos: Cadillac CTS-V, the fastest production sedan in the world

A few photos doesn't quite do it justice.

Does the phrase 556 horsepower send a shiver up your spine? Supercharged -- and therefore no turbo lag?

A claimed 3.9 0-to-60 should get your attention. It just better not be an electric!


Chaz said...

This is a government Motors car.

Feh! I could build better myself!

root@localhost.localdomain said...

Nice! Too bad it's a GM. I'll buy one after they pay back the other 55 billion dollars to the tax-payers, with interest.

Bones said...

Now I have to buy that 562 cu in
motor with EFI, tube headers and NOX.
Can't have some dink in a Caddy beat my muscle car.