Sunday, September 19, 2010

Larwyn's Linx: The Biggest Target is Liberalism

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The Biggest Target is Liberalism: AT
Obama’s 'Safe School' Czar Admits Gay Curriculum is Goal: Blaze
Happy Constitution Day!: Cold Fury

The Constitution's AG: AmSpec
Clarice's Pieces: I Told You So: AT
Ruh Roh: Dem Candidate Urges Pelosi to Step Aside: Malkin

Dem Congressman Aided Man With Al Qaeda Ties: JWF
Implementing Obamacare: Old-Fashioned Central Planning: Heritage
Nancy Pelosi's Shakedown Street: WSJ


As Predicted: Health Premiums Skyrocket Under ObamaCare: Ace
Vulnerable Dems Fleeing From Obama Tax Hikes: JWF
Andrew Breitbart exposes Congress' shakedown racket: NPR

Unions Struggling to Get Members to Rally Behind Dems: RWN
Dems at war: Public unions vs. gentry liberals: Barone
Are American Universities Going the Way of GM?: PJM

Climate & Energy

Climatism: Redoubling Misguided Efforts: AT
AGW Today: Everybody Panic, Part Lots: RWN


Bill Maher's Witch Hunt -- the Missing Context: Malkin
Being forgiven for our past sins--or, growing up: RWN
Palin 700,000, Rick Sanchez 802: Surber

Memo to the Right: "The Lombardi Rule" Is In Effect: LegalIns
Calling Karl Rove: AmSpec
What Karl Rove Should Have Said: BigGovt

Witchcraft? What About Hillary's Seance in the White House?: BlogProf
Doctor Zero: the Palin Card: C4P
Right Nation 2010 – Anita MonCrief, John Fund, Dick Armey Speak: GWP

David Brooks on the Faults of the Tea Party — Faults That MOST DEFINITELY!!!1!!1! Are Not Shared by Obama: Patterico
Blogger face-off: The biggest liabilities for both parties headed toward midterms (Bowers vs. Riehl): Hill
I can see November from your logo: RedState (Ziganto)


Truth is the New Hate Speech: Geller
Decline Is In the Mind: Hanson
Another Semantic Shift Coming: Cold Fury


About Twitter's Link Service ( Twitter
Testing out Lexus' safety features: CNet
5 Tips for Aspiring Web Developers: Mashable


5 UFO Sightings That Even Non-Crazy People Find Creepy: Cracked
The funniest and lamest of Facebook: Lamebook
The Roast of Bobby Knight: IndyStar

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