Thursday, September 23, 2010

Larwyn's Linx: 40 Days Out--a Look at all the Senate Races

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40 Days Out: a Look at all the Senate Races: RWN
Would you like another cup of tea, Mr. Cuomo?: Babalu
Ohio Democrats Lose It: JWF

Coates Defies DOJ Orders, Will Testify on Black Panther Case: PJM
Barney Frank Blinks: Clinton Tryies to Rescue Campaign: PJM
Wow. Senate GOP protects Evita Murkowski: Malkin

Oink-worthy: Cuomo refuses to engage in gutter politics: JWF
But Obama Didn't Answer the Question: Instapundit
Morning Examiner: a Castle Write-In Bid?: WashExam


The Delphi disaster: An economic horror story Obama won’t tell: Malkin
ObamaCare: Please Kill It Before It Kills Us: AT
Holy Effin' Crap: Fed Spending Explodes!: Ace

Cali's Prop. 27 Revealed: Vote No, People!: Creekside
The recession is over! Long live the recession!: Dewey
DISCLOSE Act Rears Its Ugly Head Once More: Malkin


Big Media's Biggest Failure: Hot Air
Shorter Bob Woodward: Obama is Guided By Politics, Won't Listen To Generals, Dismisses Victory: RWN
Local Media Coverage Of Breitbart At Right Nation 2010: Founding Bloggers

All Hail President Barack Landru Obama!: Driscoll
SEIU Union Hack Admits that Local TV Stations Help ‘Get Our Message Across’: RWN
Doubling Down on O'Donnell: Doc Zero

Why Bob Woodward’s New book is a stunner and why John Bolton went off: GWP
The U.S. Constitution: An Agreement by States: AT
Sowell Q&A: American in Decline: IBD


George Soros’ 8 Most Despicable Acts: NewsReal
Jimmy Carter vs. Ted Kennedy: Forget Health Care -- What about the Kremlin?: AT
Figures. AP Stringer Arrested for Working With Taliban: GWP


Verizon: Our Apps Aren’t About Taking Over The Phone — It’s About “Choice”. Puke. :TechCrunch
How to control your iPhone with your brain: CNet
Interview With Mark Zuckerberg On The “Facebook Phone”: TechCrunch


They Laughed when I stood up Without a Teleprompter...: Doswell
Ace: This Poll Showing Frank Under 50% Makes Me Want To Send Erotic Photo-Collages to Allen West: Ace
KFC pays college women for ad space on buns: USA Today

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QOTD: At the Constitution Rally (Part I) and (Part II): Bubba.

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