Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Larwyn's Linx: A Grieving American Writes to Steven Colbert

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A Grieving American Writes to Steven Colbert: Malkin
7 candidates poised to demoralize the Left in November: Hawkins
Obama team still looking for saps to fill seats at WI rally: WZ

Dems plan 20 destructive bills in lame-duck session: RWN
Chris Coons is a liar who obviously reads my blog: Olliander
Congress to Investigate Save-a-Life-Foundation (SALF)?: Philosophe

An Argument We Can't Afford to Lose: Wizbang
Biden Stumbles Into the Truth Again: Riehl
Our Future?: Moonbattery


Trumka Urges Government Takeover of Businesses: Malkin
Does FDIC Maintain List of Banks With 'Prominent Connections'?: PJM
Why does Harry Reid hate Nevada's sick children?: GWP

FBI raids home of SEIU exec in terror sweep: GWP
Great: Frank will hold Fannie Hearings: JWF
Obama To Use BP Fines To ‘Restore Gulf’: S&L

Climate & Energy

Big Green: Environmentalists don't care about clean air and water: WashExam
Energy Independence: Are You Serious?: AT
Global Power Elite Backing Away from Global Warming: AT


President 40/60: Hanson
Bill Maher Thinks Americans Are Really, Really Stupid: RWN
Rush Limbaugh: Michelle Obama Got Her “No-Show” Job in a Chicago Hospital Because of Barack: GWP

Alan Grayson and the most despicable political ad this year: Betsy's Page
It Begins… Dem Reps Now Running Pro-Bush Ads: GWP
Disney Waves The White Flag to CAIR, Will Allow Woman to Wear Hijab…: WZ


UN member states pick IAEA chief from … wait for it …. Pakistan: PJM
Venezuela’s Election Lunacy: Opposition Wins 52% of Vote, Gets 37% of Seats: PJM
Video: Taliban stone woman to death: Maktoob

FBI Escorts Known Hamas Operative Through Top-Secret National Counterterrorism Center: WZ
Vaclav Klaus, Countermoonbat: RWN
Mexico building fence to keep out...illegal aliens: AT

Mexican Mayor And Aide Stoned To Death: S&L
'Firing Back' and 'Marine Match': Jawa
Saudi Arabia: Two school kids get 6 months in jail, 120 lashes for stealing exams: Maktoob


BlackBerry maker RIM introduces the PlayBook, its iPad competitor: CNet
Microsoft to issue emergency fix for .Net hole: CNet
Microsoft drops its blogging platform, turns to WordPress: Ars Technica


Nancy Pelosi and a Pile of S***: Parkway Rest Stop
Segway Tycoon Dies After Driving His Segway Off a Cliff: Moonbattery
Observations from the Supermarket: Parkway Rest Stop

Images: Moonbattery.
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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Great links - thank you.

And yet, Pundits like Reihl and Malkin (just like Allahpundit) really seem to lack a healthy ability to offer a constructive insight for sound Conservatism.

Reihl is lost in a dementia of being so anti-GOP, his conspiracy theories often resemble the insane Kos Kiddies. So much so he lied (or was purely ignorant about) Castle's record regarding an impeachment vote. It never happened in the manner he foolishly promoted. His credibility is nothing now.

Many of these type of Pundits are the same who took down our best interests with similar baseless hyperbole after 2004. Whether it be ego, hubris, a lack of ability, a jaded cynical obsession, etc., they simply fail to have a constructive, objective, reasoned offering.

It is easy to provide content rebuking the disastrous Democrats. They are that awful, corrupt, destructive, etc. Yet, many of Our own are nearly as destructive in their efforts, providing wild childish nonsense. Reihl is a prime example, and at times, so is Malkin - who once childishly called Ms. Meirs a "Bellhop". Reihl called Christie of NJ a similar juvenile name. Such sophistry is not conservative, or needed, and debases a great movement created by serious responsible Leaders like WFB and Reagan.

The major problem with the likes of the Fashion these type of Pundits peddle, (even if we are thankful they are on the right side - at times), is they weaken the cause, create mindless divisions, grow unneeded enemies, build opposition, etc.

Even now, Rush (this comes from an old time diddo head), plays the same weak game of fashion - at times employing ugly class warfare amongst Republicans. He seems more interested in many cases, to be threatening the GOP than he does the Democratic Party, to appease a misguided fashionable anti-Republican dogma. Perhaps it is to play to the the Tea Party Express (which is decidedly different than the original Tea Party Protest Movement).

The GOP is not the primary priority of today, nor is it the potential cause for a possible "3rd Party" as the Golden Mic Celebrity suggests. This all stems from a distorted view of the Republican offering, as the record clearly states the case the 'punishment does not fit the crime'. It is the same fashion which produced the flops of the Reform and Minute Men adventures. Much of it is self aggrandizement, some of it is very extreme elements, and bitterly jaded sideline cynics, who are not Conservative at all.

Reason and facts are the essential aspects of the Conservatives strength, but today we see a Fashion which seems driven by reactionary, emotive, Identity Authoritarians - without sincere Leadership to guide all to a more productive political offering, which will stop the Democrat Destruction. We almost seem to want to enable the folly. Fashion always flops - just like the FRED HEAD folly which helped give the Nomination to the disastrous Maverick.

For starters, to be constructive, Malkin, Reihl, Limbaugh, Hannity, Levin, the Tea Party Express, etc., could quickly move to Delaware to vote...