Saturday, September 18, 2010

Larwyn's Linx: Harry Reid’s illegal alien student bailout

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Harry Reid’s illegal alien student bailout: Malkin
Murkowski will run as write-in to fight 'extremist' views: WZ
O'Donnell, Coons face off in first debate: Hill

NapoliReno: no troops needed on border 'cuz it's secure!: WZ
School apologizes for field trip to mosque: S&L
When Presidents Cry "Hostage!": CBS

Pelosi Staffers Carrying Nazi Signs: GWP
Advice for the Sore Loser: Don't Run: Ace
Biden rallies Democrats in Delaware: WashExam


Welcome to WeinerCare: Malkin
Home Depot CEO blasts Democrats for being anti-business: BlogProf
Obama Advisor John Holdren Wants to “De-develop” America: RWN

Politico Cries Over Lost Jobs of Hill Staffers in November: RWN
DC March 10.02.10 - Communists, Socialists & SEIU Unite: AT
Elite Favors: Congressmen Payoff Staffers' College Loans: RWN

Climate & Energy

3 Billion and Counting: The Cost Of Banning DDT: RWN
Meanwhile, back in Reality-Land: CBullitt
More Obama overreach: EPA wants to grade cars: Marathon


Historic 9/11 Stop the Mosque at Ground Zero Rally: LATL
Nice Magazine You’ve Got There, Mr. Forbes…: Driscoll
Leftist Assassination Attempt Pushed Down Memory Hole: AT (Cashill)

The Krauthammer-Rove Axis of Disdain: AT (Cary)
Don’t Get Fatigued, Get Even: Kesler
Cut it out, Charles: Levin

Back to the Future: AT
It's Sad When TPM Is More Honest About Christine O'Donnell Than FrumForum: LegalIns
A Victim Card of One’s Own: Jeri Thompson Calls Out O’Donnell’s Critics For Sexism: RWN


The New START Rubberstamp Threat to National Security: Foundry
Moscow Imam Threatens to Send Muslims to Pray in Churches if They Don’t Get More Mosques…: WZ
The Problem of Honor Killings: AT

Five Muslims Held In Pope ‘Terrorist’ Plot: S&L
Georgians Intent on Using English to Pull Themselves “Out of Russia’s Orbit”: WZ
Muslim Blows Up Preparing ‘Letter Bomb’: S&L


Data Breaches and Clothes Closets: Gartner
The Face of Facebook: Mark Zuckerberg opens up.: NewYorker
All major carriers picking up the Tab: Crave


The Moonbatmobile: PRS
MI elementary school launches War On Cupcakes: BlogProf
Exclusive Interview with Tony Blair: IBD

Top Ten Things MO Hates About Being FLOTUS: MOTUS

Image: DayLife (Fire Pelosi Bus Tour) and Gateway Pundit (Pelosi Staffer Holds Nazi Sign)
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QOTD: Proof

"We were right.

Charlie Crist, Mike Castle, now Lisa Murkowski.

We have proven our point." -- William A. Jacobson

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