Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Larwyn's Linx: About That 'Endowed by Their Creator' Omission...

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About That 'Endowed by Their Creator' Omission: BigJournalism
Post-Racial: Al Sharpton’s Followers Call Whites 'The Devil': GWP
Dems Attack Black Tea Party Conservative: BlogProf

Unions forced to circle the wagons around Dem turncoats: RWN
Here's the rest of the story about CREW: Tapscott
Harry Reid Responsible for Failure of DADT Repeal : GayPatriot

Liu and Chatigny: Obama’s Worst Judicial Nominees Yet? :PJM
There is no more 'Molly': ShayneBlog
Liberal Front Group Alleges GOP Voter Suppression: GM's Place


No Illegal Alien Union Dues-Paying Dem Voter Left Behind: Malkin
Why is GM filling campaign coffers with taxpayer money?: Fitton
Obama the Supply-Sider?: AT

Sort of an Open Thread: Autumn People
Vincent Gray's responsibility to D.C.'s children: WashExam
Billboard o' the Day: Malkin

Climate & Energy

Update on the Obamatorium: SIGIS
Radical environmental groups extorting money from taxpayers: PJM
EPA May Greenlight E15 Biofuel, Create Even More Confusion: RWN


Leftist Hispanic Group Wants the FCC to ‘Open Inquiry’, ‘Explore Options’ to Combat Media ‘Hate Speech’: Motley
'Midnight Ride': iOTW
Daily Kos checks on Wisconsin: RedState

Why Is Col. Allen West Not a Media Star?: BigJournalism
Taking Up Erick Boehlert's (the Pencil-Necked Dweeb Employed by Soros Matters) Challenge, Or Why I Love Jim Hoft: Riehl
Smart Girl Summit 2010: Mama Grizzlies In The Wild: RWN

Conservatives at L.A. Times Insult Unemployed: Patterico
There's no fool like an old fool: Hindenblog
Those who oppose Tea Party Movement would have opposed Reagan Revolution: Levin


Obama and Netanyahu Run Out the Atomic Clock: AT
Smartest President Ever: "Mexicans" Were Here "Long Before America Was Even An Idea": RCP
They Thought They Were Free: Milton Mayer

Let's Not: Obama Says U.S. Can ‘Absorb Terror Attacks’: GWP
Communist, Pro-Terrorist, Anti-Israel Groups Sponsor NAACP’s ‘One Nation’ Counter Rally: BigGovt
If Communism dies in Cuba, it's really, really dead: WashExam


Red Sea could have parted for Moses: Maktoob
The New Lotus Elite: Theo Spark
Twitter hit by porn cyber attack: Maktoob


Discovered after 90 years: Diary with paintings, drawings that bring to life WWI horrors: StormBringer
Chilean Mining disaster - celebrity to get involved : Theo Spark
The Great American Dabbler: iOTW

Race and Ethnicity: a Liberal's Dream: iOTW
Bummer. Brutus the Buckeye Gets Whooped Before 100,000 Fans By Opposing Mascot: GWP
Taxes, fees and fake corporate environmentalism: or, how I chose Budget Truck Rental instead of U-Haul: DeVore

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