Sunday, September 05, 2010

Pr·i·us In·sur·rec·tion

American Digest relays the following photo, which was apparently snapped by a Legal Insurrection reader at the Grand Canyon.

The closeups are even better.

Don't bother looking for the 'peace' or 'coexist' signs.

Linked by: Michelle Malkin. Thanks!


Anonymous said...

All this? On a PRIUS?!?

- the friendly grizzly

Anonymous said...

I may never look at a smug-mobile the same way again.

cincinnati whig said...

if you're going to post a picture of someone else's 'controversial' bumper stickers, you really ought to blur out the license plate

The_Bad said...

I'm pretty sure that the plate isn't blurred out in real life...

directorblue said...


The aforementioned sites posted without the plate obscured since it is part of the effect.

I did take the time to redact state and sticker information.

Anonymous said...

"All this? On a PRIUS?!?"

The Prius (and the Civic and Insight too) is actually a pretty good car.
If you're not in need of an SUV or a very large sedan, they're comfortable, economical, and a joy to drive.

I've owned (well, it's a lease) a Civic Hybrid for over 2 years now, and it's one of the best cars I've ever had (certainly in the price segment, not comparing it with a BMW 5 series or Mercedes C class for example).

I purchased it mainly because of the tax incentives on it, but it would be worth the price it would cost without those.

Next car (if I get a choice in the matter) will likely be an Insight, mostly because I don't need the size of the Civic or Prius as a single person (and it's a bit cheaper too).
Environmental concerns have for me little or nothing to do with the choice (the lower fuel use of course is nice as it makes it cheaper to drive, the lower emissions are a nice bonus but no more and I realise full well that the disposal of the electric motors and batteries probably more than compensate for any environmental savings that would yield).

JeremyR said...

I was razzing a friend the other day who got a Prius. He is a staunch conservative. I told him the Prius made him questionable. I will not tell him about this site.

1389 said...

LOL..."Smug-mobile" - I'll have to remember that one!

A few riffs on the infamous Coexist stickers here:

Enough with the Coexist stickers already!