Saturday, August 07, 2010

Maine's Free-Spending RINOs Love Running Up the National Debt

Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins, the twin "moderate" Republican Senators from Maine, have accumulated a troubling and inconsistent track record when it comes to upholding the Constitution. Their latest move: voting to confirm Elena Kagan when they know full well that the new justice is a political operative appointed with a single mission. Her job is to uphold the constitutionality of ObamaCare, the most intrusive federal over-reach in American history.

Snowe and Collins held the crucial swing votes for the Orwellian 'DISCLOSE Act', a blatant attempt by Democrats to squelch free speech. Thankfully, they voted the right way, but only after high drama (likely involving billions in bribes earmarks) in the upper chamber.

While Maine contributes only $6 billion annually to federal coffers, Snowe and Collins exhibit no qualms in spending the rest of the country's money. Or, rather, many subsequent generations' money, which will have to be repaid with interest.

Federal tax revenue (2007)

Rank State Gross collections (2007) Population (2007) Revenue per capita
44 Maine $6,289,216,000 1,317,207 $4,774.66
  • Voted YES on $192B additional anti-recession stimulus spending.(Jul 2009)
  • Voted YES on modifying bankruptcy rules to avoid mortgage foreclosures. (May 2009)
  • Voted YES on additional $825 billion for economic recovery package. (Feb 2009)
  • Voted YES on $60B stimulus package for jobs, infrastructure, & energy. (Sep 2008)
  • Voted YES on $2 billion more for Cash for Clunkers program. (Aug 2009)
  • Voted YES on Congressional pay raise. (Jul 2009)
Missing is the latest state bailout bill.

This is how Collins and Snowe maintain their power. They play footsy with Democrats in order to spend more and more of the taxpayers' money -- Collins is directly responsible for $377 million in pork over the last couple of years; Snowe is at $368 million.

This is why "moderate" Republicans must be primaried and defeated. The country is bankrupt. It can't afford any of this garbage. Yet Snowe and Collins -- vote after vote -- flirt with the radical leftists who control the Democrat Party. That's the same Democrat Party which appears to have launched a Kamikaze attack on the entire U.S. financial system.

The welfare state is dead. And, despite their high positions, Collins and Snowe appear to be the last so-called Republicans in the country to have received the memo.

Hat tip: K.


Brooklyn said...

Well said...


Utterly foolish.

Even after enabling the disastrous Obama - Pelosi Stimulus failure, we see them voting for the Dodd - Frank Finance Reform disaster?

It is as if they are as delusional as the Democratic Partisan sophistry.

Very regretful.

Their legacy is like McCain, an embarrassment.

Yet, they will of course blow with the winds, if and when the Republicans take the Majority back in the Senate and House.

Specter lived like this for years, and we all suffered for it.

directorblue said...

@Brooklyn -- I forgot about that financial reform debacle!

These self-promoters need to be defeated.

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