Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Walking Back the Wildcat

This is one of Iran's medium-range missiles, which it is placing on Venezuelan soil according to a November 25, 2010 report in Die Welt.

The same report asserts that Venezuela will permit Iran to open a military facility staffed with Iranian missile officers and soldiers of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard. Medium-range missiles launched from this base could reach cities in the United States; a likely first-strike scenario involves the detonation of EMP (Electro-Magnetic Pulse) weapons over the continental U.S.

Where did Iran get such sensitive missile guidance and avionics technologies? Western intelligence services pin the blame on China, which reportedly sold the Mullahs the Nasr-1, -2 and other missile technologies.

These missiles are now mass-produced by Iran, but were "originally developed and built in China, and have been advertised as being in service with the Chinese armed forces."

Missile technologies are only part of the problem. This is an Iranian defector, the former diplomat Mohammad Reza Heydari. He and others report that North Korea has collaborated with Iran on the design of nuclear weapons, including warhead design techniques.

This is a Pyongyang military parade that took place in October. The military dictatorship has become increasingly belligerent since it detonated a small fission weapon and demonstrated increasing expertise with missile guidance systems.

And where did North Korea get its nuclear- and missile-guidance technologies? Experts point to China, with scientists stating that, "[t]here is no possibility of North Korea achieving what nuclear capability it has without Chinese help."

It is worth asking: how did Red China move so quickly to acquire sophisticated missile guidance and other avionic technologies?

In 1998, in an unprecedented repudiation of the wishes of numerous defense and intelligence officials, President William J. Clinton signed a waiver allowing a sophisticated Loral satellite to be launched into orbit by a Chinese rocket.

Why would Clinton sign such a waiver when it risked allowing sophisticated weapons guidance technology to fall into Chinese hands? In fact, Loral would later plead "no contest to a long list of U.S. national security violations, including the unauthorized transfer of missile guidance technology to the Chinese army."

This is Clinton with the chairman of Loral, Bernard L. Schwartz, who coincidentally was the largest single donor to the entire Democrat Party in 1997.

Clinton repeatedly met with and entertained other Democrat contributors -- several of whom turned out to be operatives of the People's Liberation Army (PLA). Exactly what they got for their money remains unknown to the general public.

That is because full investigative report of the Clinton administration's actions is embodied in The Cox Report, the complete version of which is still classified "Top Secret". Its summary, however, is enough to send chills down the reader's spine: The People’s Republic of China (PRC) has stolen design information on the United States’ most advanced thermonuclear weapons.

In short, Clinton and the Democrats allowed sensitive technologies to escape to China. Later they rippled from China to rogue terror states like Iran and North Korea.

Thus, thanks in large part to the wanton greed and criminality of the Democrat National Committee and Bill Clinton, subsequent generations of Americans will be needlessly exposed to the risk of rogue regimes gaining access to America's most sensitive nuclear and missile guidance secrets.

"The missile technology passed by Loral and Hughes to the Chinese army has matured into a nuclear-tipped monster called the DF-31, which can waste whole American cities in a blinding flash of nuclear hell... ...the results of years of abuse during the 1990s remain with us well into the 21st century." -- (source)

Evil is on the march--evil aided and abetted by the Clinton administration, just one in a series of disastrous Democrat presidencies.

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Old Fan said...

Another Ross masterpiece.

It is really sad isn't it?

Even worse, some people have the most misguided perception of the Clinton disaster.

Mix in treating Radical Muslim Terrorism like prostitution, appeasing Arafat to kill more, destroying the Mortgage Industry by manipulating HUD-Fannie-Freddie, giving massive FED Loan Guarantees to Enron, peddling pardons to the likes of Marc Rich, providing the largest tax increase in modern US History, etc., you have one UGLY Bill and Hillary record.

Thanks for the great offering.

So many give these crooks a pass, it is healthy and essential to make certain everyone knows the real nightmare of the Democratic Party.

l said...

What is even more terrifying is that we apparently have American voters who think the Democrats should be allowed to complete their destruction.

Anonymous said...

"Treason doth never profit; what is the reason? Why if it prosper, none dare call it treason."--Old Dead White Guy Long Ago

Anonymous said...

A very good history.

Don't forget that in 1991 H.W.Bush licensed for export the the Cray Y-MP2 supercomputer to China.

1994 - Clinton/Gore/Albright in an astonishing reversal of nine previous U.S. administrations, authorized the construction of 2 light water reactors in N.Korea.

Then in 1998 Clinton authorized the transfer of the Paragon XPS supercomputer from the DoE's Sandia National Laboratory.

Anonymous said...

Yes and wasn't it JOE SESTAK who was the Clinton advisor that did the groundwork on this travesty? This is what pases for the Admiral's Military judgement. We are so lucky that Pat Toomey is our senator. Joe Sestak is a danger in government.