Saturday, October 05, 2013

Larwyn's Linx: HELL, YES: Dear House Republicans: Stay the course

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Find Your Representative, call them, thank them, and tell them to HOLD THEIR GROUND

HELL, YES: Dear House Republicans: Stay the course: LI
The progressive endgame, and how to prevent it: Protein Wisdom
Obamacare: ‘WARNING: No Expectation of Privacy’: WFB

Shutdown Reveals Obama’s Warped Worldview… Again.: Right Sphere
Mark Levin: Obama is preparing to destroy the role of Congress: Scoop
Meet the man who will make Obamacare fail: ConIntel

An Open Letter to President Obama: Matt Walsh
Who shut down Yellowstone?: Charles Krauthammer
John McCain and Bob Corker: Enemies of the Constitution: Scoop


Obama official: It doesn’t really matter how long shutdown lasts: Scoop
Limbaugh – Did The GOP Just Discover They’re Winning?: IM41
Public Sector Unions Must be Abolished: AT

Scandal Central

CEI Suit Seeks Injunction Against Ongoing EPA Record Destruction: CEI
Congress And Staff Get Gold Health Care – It’s Required: LoneCon
What a coincidence: Single ObamaCare success story is … OFA volunteer: Hot Air

Climate & Energy

Obama’s Green Car Only Burns Up If It Hits a Metallic Object – Yay!: Sentinel


Comments from some people who are getting really frustrated with David Freddoso
Frightening! – Mark Levin Predicts Obama’s Final Death Blow To America: IM41
HHS-Run Website Hacked; Now Selling NFL Jerseys, Ugg Boots, Armani Fragrances: WS

NBC Shutdown Story Ignores Harry Reid Rejecting GOP Plan to Fund Cancer Research: Kyle Drennen
Salt Lake City mayor lies about successfully enrolling his son on Obamacare exchange: Poor Richard
Longtime Second Amendment writer and activist Bob Owens named new editor: BearingArms

Napolitano: Obama is acting like a dictator: TPNN
Wolf Blitzer: Shutting Down Obamacare Website For Repair “An Embarrassment”: WZ
Has Strong Shutdown Rhetoric Violated Senate Rules? : Roll Call


Jerry Brown: Illegal Immigrant Driver's Licenses 'Only the First Step': Breitbart
UK: Muslim out celebrating Eid used his car as a "lethal weapon" : JihadWatch
Stooge In A Robe: Justice Ginsberg On The Second Amendment: Western Rifle Shooters


Adobe Didn’t Notice Hackers Stole 2.9 Million Users' Info Back In August: Consumerist
2013 Winners of Innovation by Design Awards: FastCoDesgin
Why New Fiber Networks Are Required To Shatter Monopolies Of Comcast, Other ISPs: Consumerist


Bikers Ride for WW II Veterans Memorial Oct. 5, 2013: Kick Stands Up Again!: MagNote
Truckers Ride Oct 11-13: 3-Day Traffic Jam, Flags Flying – How You Can Help, Where to Meet: MagNote
The Terrorists vs. the Scare-O-rists: Day 4 Government Shutdown: MOTUS


QOTD: "With each day, as Republicans in the House pass funding bills, Democrats appear ever more intransigent. Denying funding to children with cancer? Even CNN called Harry Reid out on that.

Veterans? FEMA?

The hateful language spewing daily from senior Democratic politicians does them no good.

Don’t fall prey to the pundits and “sky is falling” Republican who are predicting that this is the worst thing ever for Republicans and a bonanza for Obama.

It’s way too early to know how this plays out in electoral terms down the road. Don’t worry about that. Stay strong." --William A. Jacobson

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