Friday, October 04, 2013

LEAKS REVEAL: Obama Preparing to Destroy the Separation of Powers

Constitutional attorney and radio host Mark Levin has warned us repeatedly what is coming.

The President is preparing to raise the debt ceiling unilaterally -- like a dictator -- usurping the power of the purse granted solely to Congress.

OBAMA: “An economic shutdown, that results from Default, would be dramatically worse.”

LEVIN: You get it? You get it, folks? He’s laying the foundation for exactly what I’m saying.

He is going to break the debt ceiling. He is going to spend more than Congress has authorized. He’s preparing to do it... If he can’t get what he wants, he is going to circumvent the United States Constitution... And I smell this a mile away.

And he’s being encouraged repeatedly by pseudo-intellectuals, by Marxists dressed up as Constitutionalists, by people in his own party, he’s being encouraged to conduct himself as a dictator, and to bypass Congress and to bypass the Constitution, why work with him?

They want a full-blown Constitutional crisis. Please, listen to me, this is what they want! So they can continue to shred it!

This is why Obama won’t budge, like Clinton did and Carter did and Reagan did and Ford did and Nixon did. He’s the only one who won’t negotiate. This is why. This is his fundamental transformation. And I’m going to keep hollering this as loudly as I can because more and more people need to see it!

Oh, and it's not just conservative thought-leaders like Levin saying it.

Consider the most terrifying thing I've heard all week: on Fox News Special Report, Amy Stoddard -- the left wing writer for Roll Call -- said the following:

There is a report out that says the President believe he's going to "reorder" the [balance of] power in Washington between the branches with this exercise.

Such an act would be an unprecedented high crime against the Constitution. No less an authority than the left-leaning Professor Laurence Tribe of Harvard describes it as such in no uncertain terms.

Professor Tribe ... rejected the idea, saying it was proposed by ''otherwise very sensible law scholars'' who in this case had concocted ''a prescription for a free-for-all that abandons the rule of law.''

''We have no metric for comparative lawlessness,'' he said.

Mark my words well, Leftists: should your charismatic demagogue attempt such a wanton act of criminality, he will touch off far more than a "Constitutional Crisis". You have been warned.

Hat tip: BadBlue News.


Doom said...

The Supreme Court is already dead. You mean break the other weak branch? Yeah, well, I don't think he is going to do that so much as he probably already has.

carlito said...

But how could he do it? Have the Treasury print more money? That would be a lot of printing - like several billions of dollars.

Anonymous said...

And he doesn't have to blow himself up to accomplish his goal.

Anonymous said...

Corruption loves absolute power. Barry will do it, he watched Frank slap his mother around and it looked pretty easy. He has waited a long time for this.

Anonymous said...

They have plenty of reason to arrest Barry Obama. I believe if they wanted to, they would. Something has been going on long before the media started being controlled.

Anonymous said...

They will never, I repeat, never impeach a colored man.
That's what this all boils down to, they will rollover and become commissars.

Anonymous said...

They will never, I repeat, never impeach a colored man.

Sad, but likely all too true.

Anonymous said...

I hope he does.

Anonymous said...

I for one would really like to "see" the report she's alluding to. Trust, but verify....