Thursday, June 19, 2014

American Junta

Based upon "The Emerging Junta", by Kevin D. Williamson.

Hat tip: Mark Levin


Anonymous said...
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suek said...

If you make enough laws, every man will be guilty of breaking some of them. Enforcement can be selective.

I think that was the purpose of the extended questionaires - sooner or later they expected to catch the organizations in some sort of mis-statement/lie, which would allow them to prosecute somebody.

Somehow I envision the pharisees tearing their garments, crying out "He has blasphemed!!".

Anonymous said...

I would vote for Catherine Englebrecht over Hillary Clinton any day of the week.

If Hillary and a Romney/McCain type Republican run in 2016, I will write in Ted Cruz. said...

It's almost too horrible to think about. Almost.

What is nearly as horrible to think about is the reality that is the spineless, corrupt GOP.

Thank God for the Tea Party.