Saturday, June 28, 2014

YOU'VE GOT MAIL: NRSC Wants Your Money to Support "Proud Conservative Candidates" Like Thad Cochran

By Doug Brady

There was an interesting email in my inbox this morning:


We have a lot of work to do in the months ahead before the midterm elections. In races across the country, there are proud conservative candidates waiting for the chance to step up and lead. And a Senate majority will do the most to deliver on our promise to lead the country back to prosperity.

But goals like this have steps along the way. That’s why I’m reaching out to you today – we are three days from the end of the month, and we could use your help to close the gap.

Meeting our monthly goals is essential to having the resources needed to compete. Senator Rob Portman has offered to triple-match your donation – which means that every dollar you donate is worth $4 to the NRSC.

Help us close the gap before the end of the month – in the next three days – with a donation of $25 or even more.

Let’s Get It Done,

Senate Republicans

In case you’re wondering, the answer is yes: The NRSC is indeed the same establishment group that spent $800,000 turning out Democrats to pick the Republican nominee in Mississippi earlier this week by, among other things, labeling the actual conservative candidate and his supporters as racists. And now they want me to give them money to help fund their efforts to employ Democrat voters — and tactics — to support "proud conservative candidates waiting for the chance to step up and lead" like … big-spending pork king Thad Cochran. I think not.

Read more at Conservatives4Palin.


sherlockzz said...

Go ask the Democrats.

c w swanson said...

You should pen a response, explaining exactly why they will never get a cent, then post it.

Anonymous said...

I got two solicitations in the mail from these AH's and sent them back with a piece of my mind. I was glad to pay for the stamps to make sure they know why I will NEVER donate to them. I also wrote that MS (Mississippi) was the last straw for me. I am DONE. I wrote it all in red marker to show how irate I am over their unethical, despicable actions. Reince Priebus can go pound sand. They really think we all are idiots and they can behave like traitors then come ask for money like nothing ever happened. There must be a psychological term for their behavior. A pathological explanation for their arrogance and utter gall.

William Teach said...

Remember, the NRSC was the same group who virtually immediately stated that they wouldn't give Christine O'Donnell, the Republican that the citizens of Delaware picked, a dime the minute she won the primary.

Anonymous said...

Crap in the return enveloped and send it to them as your donation.

Anonymous said...

"Let's get it done"???
Hey, NRSC you are done. You just don't know it yet.
No longer a member of the Boy Scouts, the Chamber of Commerce, or the GOP. I won't associate with Quislings.