Monday, June 09, 2014

Larwyn's Linx: Obama: Freeing Top Terrorists a Unanimous Decision of "My Government"

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Obama: Freeing Top Terrorists a Unanimous Decision of "My Government": MB
Why Are Establishment Republicans Supporting Thad Cochran?: Star Parker
Dianne Feinstein Introduces Federal Bill to Confiscate Guns: Nick Leghorn

Ted Cruz: Blacklisted and Loving It — Right Into The White House: NoisyRm
Perfect is the Enemy of the Good: NoisyRm
Ted Cruz country: Katie Glueck, Politico

Robert Bergdahl: In His Circles: Liberty Speaks
Bergdahl's father now under scrutiny himself: Idaho Statesman
The Taliban Swap and ‘High Crimes and Misdemeanors’: Andrew C. McCarthy

California Counties Releasing Convicted Convict Illegals onto the Streets: RWN
Armed CC Civilian Stops Mass Killing in Vegas : BuzzPo
Grade School Students Brainwashed to Celebrate Gay Sex in Oakland: MB


The Bluest State: Aaron M. Renn
The Madness Of Crowds And The Great Insanity: ZH
GM Is Alive. Drivers Are Dead. Any Questions?: PJM

Scandal Central

Gitmo Detainees Awaiting Move to Prison in Thomson, Illinois: GWP
Obama to Release Osama’s Bodyguard From Gitmo to Start a "Farm": GWP
Obama’s DOJ Accuses Glock Executives Of Corruption And Fraud: GWP


Reel 'Em In: Ace
Bill Whittle Goes There – Is Obama Evil or Stupid?: LI
Must Watch Video: Morgan Freeman Shuts Down Race-Hustlers in Less Than 30 Seconds: RWN

Dianne Feinstein: Umm, Obama May Have Misled Us About Taliban "Cone of Silence" : Ace
Liberal Activist Is Brutally Raped in Haiti by a Black Man – Blames White Men: GWP
Candy Crowley actually asks John McCain if Bergdahl less worth saving than he was as a POW: Scoop

Ben Shapiro's Obama Solution: 'Prosecution Not Impeachment': Breitbart
NSA Whistleblower: Snowden Never Had Access to the JUICIEST Documents: ZH
Jaden Smith Cast As Trayvon Martin in Will Smith Produced Film: NewsNerd


Member of Taliban's elite Supreme Shura among 5 transferred to Qatar: LWJ
Was Bowe Bergdahl's father in contact with Al Qaeda?: Thomas Lifson
The Charter of Hamas, Obama's "Partner in Peace": CAMERA

The Taliban/Bergdahl Swap, Gitmo, and the Revenge of the Lawyer Left: Andrew C. McCarthy
A D-Day Veteran Politely Declines Obama Invitation: John Fund
Two B-2 Spirit stealth bombers have just arrived in UK for a quite unusual overseas deployment: Aviationist

Obama Won’t Allow Bergdahl To Speak To Anyone Until He Agrees To Carry Obama's Water: Pat Dollard
The 30-Year Democratic Campaign to Be the Pro-Troop Party Implodes: Noah Rothman
38 Points From 1963 – It Is Happening – The Communist Takeover of America: GOP The Daily Dose

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

“You could be liable for $150k in penalties—settle instead for $20 per song”: Ars Technica
Check out iOS 8′s Time-lapse camera mode in action: 9TO5Mac
A Computer Has Passed the Turing Test For the First Time: Gizmodo


EPIC: If this isn’t the most American Craigslist ad I have ever seen I don’t know what is: YC
The Coming Crash in Ammunition Prices: TTAG
Welcome to Your Death Panels: 90 Miles From Tyranny

Image: Meet the New Miss U.S.A., Nia Sanchez
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: RUNOFF ON 6/24: Chris McDaniel for Senate

QOTD: "Reagan was unelectable … or was until he was elected. Lincoln was unelectable. Bush 41 was a shoo-in … until he wasn’t. The history of elections in the United States is strewn with egregious predictions and declarations. Dewey Defeats Truman! Except, well, he didn’t.

...It’s a favorite insiders’ game in Washington DC to pronounce someone as unelectable, especially if he is a DC troublemaker, rabble-rouser, or boat rocker. It’s the DC equivalent of Damning With Faint Praise, where you can pretend to like someone while cursing him as ‘unelectable.’

...Electability as peddled by press and politicos is a myth. It is arrogance of pretended knowledge. To the voter I say this: vote your conscience. To the candidate I say this: speak your mind and speak your heart; speak to the voters only, do not play the pundits. You are as electable as the voters — individually — decide you are on election day.

We are the electorate. Speak to us. Listen to us. We will vote for you. And the gods of Olympus and DC be damned.”" --Citizen Scribe

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