Wednesday, June 25, 2014

GOOD NEWS: Justice Department MRAPs Spotted in Florida

Passed over the transom from a reliable source in USAF Spec Ops. What's the contingency this is for, you suppose?

Since when was the DOJ engaged in active enforcement? Don't they control the federal law enforcement agencies?

I need someone to tell me why the JUSTICE DEPARTMENT needs MRAPs.

My wife took these photos on I-10 in North Florida on our way home from Jacksonville last weekend. I was impressed with the size of these vehicles and thought they were kind of neat until we both saw they were owned by the Justice Department.

Well, young man, I simply refer you to Obama's very own references to building a "civilian national security force that's ... just as powerful as our military."

His words, not mine.

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Anonymous said...

So Barry offloaded some toys but they are driven and occupied by the McDonald's workers of Goobermint, and they are expensive to maintain. They have cultivated no air strike capabilities as yet so trucks like these are easily lured and the occupants roasted - virtually at will by a determined populace. They have to load up and out at least twice a day not to mention frequent trips to the gas station... I wouldn't be caught dead in one nor would I travel in a vehicle that somebody wants to liberate. No, have fun with the toys boys, somebody at the top thinks you're a chump.