Monday, June 30, 2014

Larwyn's Linx: Hillary "Disrespects" Obama

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Hillary "Disrespects" Obama: Power Line
Obama's Got a Cutesy Plan to Reconnect with Voters: Ace
Government of the Cronies, by the Cronies, for the Cronies: James V. DeLong

Letting the IRS Get Away with It: Mark Steyn
Abuses Too Far: Erick Erickson
Valerie Jarrett Won't Rule Out Run for Office: Daniel Halper

Obama Weekly Address: Virtually Out Of Ideas: Cove
The 1,000th performance of the Obama “Nothing Is My Fault” tour: John Hayward
Obama blames GOP for his failed presidency: RS

White House: Amnesty for DREAMers' Parents as Early as Fall: Breitbart
Harry Reid Doesn’t Want Dems To Take Tough Votes: Cove
For Wendy Davis, pink sneakers amazingly fail to build lead: Hot Air

The Leaders of the 2nd American Revolution: Trevor Loudon
Conservative Response to Cochran Win: Bruce Walker
EPA water proposal rattles ag industry: Des Moines Register

Scandal Central

Dems: Obama Must "Borrow" Congress' Constitutional Power to Pass Amnesty: Ace
Noel Canning Decision Exposes President Obama’s Insane Belief in his Own Primacy: RS
McDaniel Supporters Barred From Continuing To Review Voter Rolls AFTER Fraud Found: RWN

GOP official at center of election dispute charged with DUI: Sun-Herald
Judicial Watch: IRS Made False and Misleading Statements – “They Are in Real Trouble”: GWP
Lois Lerner’s Lawyer has LIED multiple times, says Darrell Issa: Scoop

Climate & Energy

Huge Ocean Whirpools Help Drive Weather And Climate: Cove
Antarctica sets new record for sea ice area: WUWT
Britain at risk of power blackouts next year as spare electricity falls to 2%: Mirror


Broke-A-Hontas: Hillary gave “dozens” of free speeches: Hideout
Andrea Mitchell: Hillary is ‘Out of Touch’: WFB
McDaniel Blows it in Mississippi by Ignoring Blacks: Star Parker

Examples of Serious Crimes of Illegal Aliens: FAIRUS
GUNS ENCOURAGED: Colorado Restaurant Invites Armed Customers: Bob Owens
One dead, 4 wounded in Los Angeles BET Awards party shooting: Trib


Military Bans Bibles But Forces Soldiers to Adhere to Islamic Practices During Ramadan: GWP
Benghazi terrorist pleads not guilty before judge (as if he has the rights of a U.S. citizen): Stripes
Sources: Obama to nominate ex-P&G head to lead Veterans Affairs: Fox

Pledge Allegiance to New ‘Caliph,’ ISIS Demands of World’s Muslims in Ramadan Declaration: CNS
ISIS Releases Chilling New Video of Prison Being Blown Up With Prisoners Inside: RightPundit
Without allies against ISIS, US finds itself in the same camp as Iran, its sworn enemy: JPost

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Google Declares War on the Firearm Industry: Michael Schaus
Facebook researcher: 'We care about the emotional impact of Facebook': PC World
Culture is a bigger barrier to DevOps than legacy infrastructure, say experts: Anh Nguyen


NYC Creates Public Defender System for Immigrants: AP
“So What Line Has To Be Crossed… Before We Start Mowing Them Down To Make Our Point?”: Bob Owens
To The Leftists: Enjoy It While You Can: WRSA

Image: Benghazi terrorist pleads not guilty before judge (as if he has the rights of a U.S. citizen)
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: Senate Conservatives Fund

QOTD: "... the GOP Establishment and their paymasters have to win every battle in order to survive. We don’t. We only have to survive as an “army in being.” We will pick off incumbents (Cantor and Bennett) and prevent the elevation of establishment cronies (Dewhurst and Crist) and we will bleed them on a hundred battlefields in a war of attrition. The loss to senile adulterer Thad Cochran will be seen in retrospect as the time when the tide began to turn. The GOP establishment had to spend millions of dollars and they had to illegally recruit Democrat voters in order to haul Cochran’s moldering, putrescent near-corpse over the finish line. One has to wonder how many of their donors will pony up money in 2016 for another bloody round of primaries with the presidency in the balance." --Streiff

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If ValJar ever became President she would need to replace her figurines with living white men:

And Hitlery can find this frame on Amazon as well, but maybe there's one showing her dodging gunfire in Kosovo.