Sunday, June 29, 2014

DREAM TEAM: The Leaders of the Second American Revolution

An absolute must-watch video by Trevor Loudon.

So this is what I would do if were a man like Ted Cruz.

I'd want to get that coalition together now, early, before Jeb Bush gets any money and any support. I'd want to rebuild that Reagan coalition. So I'd be going to these groups right now. And the first thing I'd say to them: I'm going to run and run early.

And I'm to put Allen West on my VP ticket.

And then, for you libertarians, I'm going to make Rand Paul my Secretary of the Treasury and he can do what he damn well wants to the Federal Reserve and the IRS. He can take them down, abolish them, do what he wants.

And then you energy voters, Sarah Palin, Secretary of Energy. Drill, baby, drill, Drill in your backyard if you want to. Two dollar a gallon gas for every American family. Keystone pipeline, open it up!

Scott Walker, Secretary of Labor. Right-to-work all over, folks, every state.

Herman Cain, Secretary of Commerce. De-regulate, de-regulate, de-regulate. EPA gone, OSHA gone, the whole lot.

John Bolton, Secretary of State. Tell your enemies where to get off, rebuild your alliances.

Ambassador to the United Nations... no one.

Dr. Ben Carson, Secretary of Health and Human Services. End the welfare culture in this country.

Attorney General, Mark Levin. Stick it to the vote fraudsters, people.

And for the Christians, who often don't care about politics, but they do care about the education of their children, I'd say to them: vote for me this time and we will get rid of Common Core, we're going to get rid of the Department of Education, we're going to protect your home-schooling rights because David Barton will be Secretary of Education.

You could fill the whole cabinet, folks. Fill it now.

Would you rally to a team like that? Would you get out of bed every day, can't wait to get to the phone banks, and open your checkbook, and knock on doors to get those people in power.

And wouldn't it unify the base? Because everyone's getting something. You might not like Sarah Palin, but you love Allen West. You might not like John Bolton, but you like Rand Paul.

It's inspiring, with a clear policy direction. You know what you're going to get. Because where else do you work your butts off for a nebulous promise. We don't do it in business. We don't do it in our education. We know what we're going to get. That's why we work. With this team, we will work like nothing else.

And think about it, folks. You've never had a bigger team of Constitutionalists, conservatives, and libertarians, than you have today. Far more than Reagan had. And you've got all of these millions of people just itching to save their country. You've got all of these leaders out there that can't wait to gut the federal government.

You put the base with the leaders and who is going to stand in your way? Imagine, right now, you put your eggs in one basket. And they can demonize a Mitt Romney. Try and demonize 20 hard-core, Constitutional conservatives, a bunch of Rottweilers, who don't take any crap from anyone... who are all backing each other up.

You've got a team, folks. You win football with a good team. Why not win politics that way? Because you've done it before.

You didn't have a founding father, guys. You didn't just have George Washington. You had George Washington and Thomas Jefferson and Sam Adams and Benjamin Franklin and James Madison.

It was a team that won the first American Revolution and you need a team to win the Second American Revolution.

I love this idea. I love it.

Pass it on.

Hat tip>: BadBlue News.


whitehall said...

How about Rick Perry or General Petraeus for Sec Defense?

juandos said...

Well Doug, you pretty much summed up the contents of my political wet dream...

One very minor difference is that if Levin couldn't/wouldn' be the AG my next dream team candidate for the AG post would Andy McCarthy at NRO...

D Lo said...

I absolutely agree ... Love this idea! I think it would take this country by storm and the momentum to 2016 would be that of a freight train!
Any similarities to Lincoln's Team of Rivals? Fascinating stuff to think about ...
My heart leapt at each named appointment, and near left my soul when he called for Mr. Levin, Attorney General indeed! The Crowd Went Wild ...
They used to pre-announce their running mate, didn't they? My mistake if that's not correct.
The video is great, Is it linked?
Saw your post over on Mark's FB page too, Doug Ross. Hope this spreads like wildfire, cuz what we've been doing ... Ain't working'

Whitehall said...

I've linked it on my real-name facebook page.

sybilll said...

Yessiree, that was almost orgasmic

Wraith said...

I'd make Karl Denninger Secretary of the Treasury, but otherwise, I'd walk through fire to see this ticket happen.

California Resident said...

Joe Arpaio for Attorney General.

Mark Levin for Constitutional Legitimacy Liaison Officer.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to see Bobby Jindal as Secretary of State....

Gunny G said...

Whitehall, General Betrayus is a scumbag. A member of the Bildenbergs.

bobby said...

"Attorney General, Mark Levin."
- - - -

Dissent. No one that angry should ever be Attorney General. "Trusted advisor", maybe.

Anonymous said...

Allen West - Homeland Security/National Defense

Petraeus - Joint Chiefs

Walker - VP

Palin - Energy Secretary for sure!

Anonymous said...

Arapaio for Border Security

Jason in KT said...

How about Trevor running himself? I mean it isn't like birth citizenship is a requirement any longer.

Redwine said...

Absolute perfection!
Cruz/West and all the Rest 2016

Joe Mudd said...

NO WE ABSOLUTELY don't need another revolution that will put the conservatives in charge of the Federal Reserve's credit card. What we need is to defund the whole system and vote to change the Fed Res act of 1913 and throw the ring of power into the volcano to be destroyed FOREVER. Which would free the free market for real.
To think we would be BETTER at holding the ring than the Democrats is another march around the SAME OLD playground following a different leader. Here we go again. POP goes the weasel.

dymphna said...

Bobby Jindal probably has a genius IQ, I'm not kidding. He made a yellow dog Dem machine state into one for the conservative side.

Not afraid of Obama but wasn't a rabble rouser during Gulf spill. With all that donated clean up machinery from the Netherlands, he finally started ignoring EPA foot-dragging and used it.

Don't remember the details now but when he was in his 20s he was appointed to clean up the state Medicaid mess and he did it.

If this man doesn't get to Washington, we don't deserve good governance. He's not a lawyer, and he side-stepped his parents' urging for science/medicine to focus deeply on policy and the elements of solid governance.

TO the extent he hasn't been hog-tied by malign Washington bureaucrat interference, he's done a terrific job.

Doesn't have the TV photogenic qualities for modern day presidency but he's got the brains and integrity to clean out the Augean stables of national bureaucracies. I'd *love* to see him let loose on the IRS. Our very own KGB would be cut down to a human, manageable size.

Jindal is extraordinary.

dymphna said...

Someone said General Petraeus??? I refer them to John Boyd's ideas about military service. He held the generals in contempt, with certain exceptions.

Petraeus created our politically correct, murderous COIN rules of engagement. The ones where you get a medal for not shooting the enemy.

Our enemies love the guy. He's overweeningly ambitious, a skirt chaser and naive. Obama put him in charge of the CIA and then played him for a fool.

Anyone can get inside Petraeus' OODA loop. Slow and wide open.

Hawkeye said...

Bobby (above) thinks Mark Levin is too angry. I think we have all had enough of the melvin milquetoast approach to combating the evil that is Liberalism today. If I had known what would transpire in this country 50 years hence, I would have supported Goldwater in 1964.

"Extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice. And moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue." - Barry Goldwater, 1964

Anonymous said...

I'd love to have Ted Cruz for a president if he were a natural born citizen. I know there are disagreements about what constitutes a natural born citizen, but many of us adhere to the strict founder's interpretation of it, which is that both parents of a potential president or vice president have to be U.S. citizens at the time of the candidate's birth. Supporting Cruz for POTUS puts us strict constitutionalists in a dilemma, because I, for one, will not be a hypocrite and vote for him just because I like him. And I do like him a lot.

Anonymous said...

Ted Nugent for Secretary of Defense - he will be more than happy to fill that vacancy to the UN....