Saturday, June 28, 2014

Larwyn's Linx: Executive Order Amnesty: Obama to “Borrow Power” If GOP Doesn't Act

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XO Amnesty: Obama to “Borrow Power” If GOP Doesn't Act: Victory Girls
Does Barack Obama Understand The Constitution?: Rhymes
Illegal Immigration: Omitted from Boehner’s Lawsuit Against Obama: CHQ

Mexican chopper in U.S., shooting at BP agents: Events
Alexandra Pelosi: Media, Obama enabling ‘human trafficking’ at the border: Hot Air
4 myths about immigration reform destroyed by new labor study: Allen West

Isn’t it mean and hateful to deport illegal immigrants?: Matt Walsh
Obstructionism Is Patriotic: Michelle Malkin
Facing Tough Odds, Gop Had A Good Night In Colorado: RWN

We the People are NOT the Enemy!: Patrice Lewis
Warren Stepping into West Virginia Senate Battle: PJM
Ladies and Gentelmen, your #HAILSATAN Texas Democrats!: Cahnman


The Day the Democrats Took Over: Wayne Dupree
Let's talk about St. Anthony, MN's Rebekah Erler's letter to Obama: Adrienne
Blue-on-Blue: Former Obama Staffers vs. Teachers Unions: MinorityReport

Scandal Central

Clinton Adviser Lanny Davis: Time for Independent Counsel to Investigate IRS: WFB
About That ‘Server Ate My Emails’ Thing: Right Planet
Coulter: Hillary 'Rape' Tape 'Bigger Than Benghazi', Depicts Clintons as 'Con Artists': Breitbart

The sleeper case that could bust open the IRS scandals: Thomas Lifson
Is Lois Lerner Guilty of Treason?: CHQ
Daily Mail: Race-baiting against Chris McDaniel point back to Haley Barbour and his nephew: Scoop

Climate & Energy

The Jailbird Architect Of Obama’s Global Warming Plan: RWN


Stephanopoulos to Obama: Are You 'Disappointed' in Americans for Losing Confidence in You?: MRC
NYT Admits: 'Somewhat Late' on IRS Story, But Editor Swears 'We've Paid Copious Attention': MRC
Coca-Cola Releases “Happy Ramadan!” Ad – Video 6/26/14: FreeLight

Bill Maher: "My Advice to Hillary -- Just Go Away": Breitbart
Is the Media Turning on the Clintons?: Onan Coca
The Mississippi GOP primary in Two Sentences: DTG


Reagan 1987: "Tear down this wall!" Obama 2014 "Tear down this border fence!": Marathon
Iraqi Christian Commits Suicide After ISIS Rapes Wife, Daughter for Failing to Pay Sharia Tax: WZ
Isis Hoodies and T-Shirts For Sale Online As Islamist 'Brand' Goes Global: Tom Porter

How The Palestinians And The Left Are Celebrating The Israeli Kidnappings: JoshuaPundit
Sleep well, America: Obama reveals U.S. foreign policy derailed by World Cup soccer: Hot Air
Another Ghost Town in China, This Time a Replica of Manhattan: Mish

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Google will pay for coding lessons for thousands of female tech workers: Engadget
MonkeyParking says SF shut-down demand is bananas: IT News
Microsoft Admits Communications, Tech Problems During Office 365 Outages: CIO


Analysis: U.N. Assets Will Be Deployed in USA To Resolve “International Crisis” On Border: Dave Hodges
Obama's Biggest Disappointment: GJWHG
Prof. Nick Johnson on the right to arms: David Hardy

Image: How The Palestinians And The Left Are Celebrating The Israeli Kidnappings
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: SCF: Comments on the U.S. Senate Election in Mississippi

QOTD: "We have Obama because of the establishment. Those of you who still can’t see that are admitting to blindness while asking us to follow your lead.

There is absolutely no honor in supporting a team whose management refuses to make changes when better position players come along. Worse still, they actively look to injure said players while lecturing us about the importance of team. So for people who keep crying that we “Teasters” are “sore losers,” let me just say that we seldom hear the same charges when the “hard-nosed politicians who know how to play the game right” reject the wills of their supposed constituencies. Or maybe I’m just imagining Murkowsky or Lugar or Specter or Crist or Castle or Rove, etc." --Jeff Goldstein

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