Saturday, June 14, 2014

Larwyn's Linx: Is America on the brink of economic and social collapse?

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Is America on the brink of economic and social collapse?: David Solway
Vet J.R. Salzman: ‘Why did you throw our sacrifices away?’: Twitchy
AZ to Congress: End 'Unconscionable...Manufactured' Border Crisis: Breitbart

While America Sleeps, A New Era of Terror in America Unfolds: Sara Noble
My Father and Hospitalists: Janine Turner
Fail: Twitchy

Cochran's “Indecent Acts With Animals” Earns $825k from McConnell: Riehl
Thad Cochran: Forget That I Forgot What I Forgot, I Did!: Dan Riehl
Rep. Kevin McCarthy's Immigration-Reduction Report Card: NUSA

5 Disastrous Obama Decisions That Blew Up In His Face: John Hawkins
Debt is No Salvation: Peter Schiff
Liberals Mourn Cantor : John Fund

Scandal Central

A Terrorist Released For Bowe Bergdahl Has A Role In 9/11: Hot Air
IRS claims to have lost key Lois Lerner emails: Moe Lane
DOD linked Benghazi attack to Al Qaeda 2 Days after attack: Dan Riehl

Did The IRS Really Lose Lois Lerner's Emails? Let a Special Prosecutor Find Them: Ron Fournier
Dang! IRS says Lois Lerner's emails done got wiped out in one of them there computer crashes: John Hayward
Rep. Jason Chaffetz: IRS testified that Lois Lerner’s emails were archived: Twitchy

Climate & Energy

EPA Wants To Control Puddles, Little Streams, Backyard Ponds: LoneCon


15 Myths Millennials Accept as Fact: Taki's Mag
Columbine Survivor Pens Open Letter To Obama About Gun Control: Yehuda Remer
Online Journalism Is Suffering Print's Fate: Megan McArdle

Mark Levin: What Kind Of Mind In The White House Would Release Five Mass Murders: Breitbart
Incomie Inequality: Chelsea Clinton’s Salary For Doing Nothing Will Shock You: Sooper
Obama’s image hits record lows in trio of polls: Sean Sullivan, WaPo


Terrorist leading the ISIS rampage in Iraq was released from custody by Obama admin in 2009: Poor Richard
From Iraq to Ukraine: The disaster of Obama's world: Commentator
A Guide to ISIS, the Group That’s Tearing Up Iraq: DefenseOne

Amid Iraq Crisis, Kerry Flies to London to Recite Poetry: DC
Palin on Border Crisis: Congress Lacks Guts to Impeach 'Tyrant' Obama over Lawlessness: Breitbart
Shocking Videos: This is What Obama Has Wrought In Iraq [EXTREMELY GRAPHIC]: SHTFplan

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

New Ruling Shows the NSA Can’t Legally Justify Its Phone Spying Anymore: Wired
Coming Soon To Twitter, Ads Targeted To Weather Conditions: Martin Beck, MarketingLand
Even better than an app?: Seth Godin


The Regals Have Landed: MOTUS
SCUM ALERT: Man Who Left Gun In Target Toy Department Identified By Police: Bob Owens
Tech Time Warp: 20 Years Ago, We Thought the Internet Would Bring Out Our Nice Sides: Wired

Image: Iraq conflict: Iran's Rouhani 'ready to help'
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QOTD: "It is not impossible to think that a tyrant, to the likes of Mao, Castro, Che, Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, and others, could possibly rise to power in America. It could be five, ten, twenty, or one hundred years from now — but future generations have the natural right to protect themselves from tyrannical government just as much as we currently do. It is safe to assume that this liberty that our forefathers secured has been a thorn in the side of would-be tyrants ever since the Second Amendment was adopted." --Evan Todd, a wounded survivor of the Columbine shootings


Anonymous said...

One thing that would make me happy, happy, happy would be hearing about the Wild Bunch showing up at said Mexican Prison and telling Nieto and those beaners: "We Want Andrew", then making good their escape through great carnage and blood - well, that would definitely make my day. Obama has changed the understanding of "don't screw with Americans" into "Americans like being screwed".

Anonymous said...

We Want Andrew: