Thursday, June 12, 2014

Larwyn's Linx: Cloward-Piven at the Border

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Cloward-Piven at the Border: John Hayward
Cantor Loses By 11 Million Voters: Ann Coulter
White House 'aiding and abetting felonies' by delivering 'flood' of illegals: DailyMail

Pelosi Fretting Over 2014 Midterms After Shocking Cantor Upset: HayRide
A 23 Year-Old Took Out House Majority Leader Eric Cantor: HayRide
Almost 40% more people turned out in VA-07 last night than in 2012 : Scoop

House Bill to Impeach Eric Holder Now Has 26 Co-Sponsors: ConTrib
Chicago police, ATF form Intel Center to fight “three-percenters”: Chris Eger
Hillary: I Was Once Poor Like You: RWN

David Brat's Victory Helps the GOP -- and the Establishment, Too: Ace
Cantor’s Defeat Shows Impact Of Obama’s Cynical Immigration Strategy: Morris
SecDef Chuck Hagel Run Over By Bus: Cube


19 Reasons to Laugh If You're Told The Economy Is In Good Shape: Snyder
Obamacare And The CBO — No Longer ‘Giddy’: Larry Elder
The big bank that blessed Brat's upset of Eric Cantor: Michael Santoli

Scandal Central

Obama’s inhumane retribution against Jan Brewer: Selena Owens
More On Bergdahl: The Anissa Files: Liberty Speaks
US agents heard Benghazi jihadis using State Dept. cell phones to call jihad leaders: JihadWatch

Climate & Energy

The Axis of Denialism: Mark Steyn
“EPA Pumps Up Benefits of Proposed Carbon Regulation”: PW
VA Spent Tens of Millions on Ads, Audits, Green Energy: WFB


Establishment Media Start Dropping Bombs on Dave Brat: Bryan Preston
Why Cantor Lost – This Picture Says it All: VARight
Eric Cantor paid a lot for steak, should have paid for ads against David Brat: NakedDC

Washington Post: "ABC News’s Diane Sawyer destroys Hillary Rodham Clinton on Benghazi": John Lott
New York Times: 'Potent Voices of Conservative Media' Helped Brat Defeat Cantor: NB
Airbrush Alert: Ed Driscoll

Dave Brat talks to Chuck Todd, says he didn’t win by immigration alone: Scoop
First to Godwinize David Brat is…the Wall Street Journal?: Ed Driscoll
Lawsuit Alleging Silver Allowed Sexual Harassment in NY Assembly Moves Forward: MenRec


Meet Mohammed Fazi, one of five exchanged for Bowe Berdahl: Thomas Lifson
Iraq Asked U.S. To Bomb ISIS Staging Areas Before They Took Mosul, Obama Said No: WZ
Al Qaeda Militants Capture US Black Hawk Helicopters In Iraq: ZH

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Star Trek-Style Holodeck Coming into Focus at Lowe’s: Singularity Hub
Even Toilets Aren’t Safe as Hackers Target Home Devices: Amy Thomson
Radical human brain modification using high-powered lasers has been perfected: John Hewitt


What are my rights at various “checkpoints”?: Flex Your Rights
Aggressive police raids for thee, but not for me: Radley Balko
They Said It Couldn’t Be Done: MOTUS

Image: SecDef Chuck Hagel Run Over By Bus
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QOTD: "We see the country slipping away, at least the kind of country that we want. Why is it so hard for these guys to articulate our principles? They talk about Reagan, but they're Rockefeller Republicans. And what's ironic about this is the main opponent to Reagan in 1980 was George H.W. Bush, and now it's Jeb Bush, his son, who seems to be the main opponent to conservatives who are trying to rally behind a candidate in order to take this country back. And when I say take the country back, I mean from a president who is an imperial president, who every day says he's going to act unilaterally and does across the board. We wake up in the morning,w e don't know the next outrageous thing he's going to do, and Congress acts like it has no power, it has power, it has the power of the purse, it's got the power to do other things, and it needs to do it. And they're afraid of Obama, they're afraid to take these steps, and you can see there is a growing anger among many American people, not just Republicans.

I'll tell you one other thing: You look at this election 2012 with Obama. Obama should have been beaten by a halfway decent presidential candidate in the Republican Party who could articulate the principles of the party and expose Obama's fecklessness and weakness. We didn't do it. Millions of people stayed home. And who were they? Reagan Democrats. Blue-collar Democrats. Stop chasing ethnic groups, stop chasing genitalia, talk to the American people about liberty, opportunity. Explain to them that Obama's wrong and we need to unleash the American people and the economy." --Mark Levin


Anonymous said...

FOX reports this morning that al Qaeda insurgents are about to take control of Baghdad. How can this be? Didn't Obama tell US al Qaeda was "decimated"?


Anonymous said...

Obama has deceived America, and caused her to lose herself and her inheritance, get used to wandering.
I'd suggest now that people start sending the White House their medical waste. They wanted single payer (?) let them have their wish. Dental instruments are fairly cheap online and many medical procedures can be done by yourself at home. So when you pull that tooth, send it to Obama; when you freeze that wart, send it to Obama; if somebody needs to hold you down for a minor amputation, send it to Obama; ask for the thing they took out of you and, send it to Obama.
This brings us to the next generation of wait times for surgery. They should call it 'making turtles' meaning that that bump you felt in the road was just a nuisance patient waiting months for something that should have happened the next day. Wandering, because Obama had a dream to ride the back of America without Vaseline and call it liberty.