Monday, June 23, 2014

Larwyn's Linx: BOMBSHELL: IRS Canceled Email-Storage Contracts Weeks After "Crash"

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BOMBSHELL: IRS Canceled Email-Storage Contracts Weeks After "Crash": DC
Hillary Blames Obama for Benghazi Cover-Up: Daniel Greenfield
Was throwing Obama under the bus a hard choice for Hillary?: Twitchy

Border so secure that 378 toddlers crossed into the US this year: GWP
The Border Crisis and the Question of Who Gets What: Jerry Kammer
Paul Ryan Just Hammered the IRS: John Dickerson, Slate

Book: Hillary Has Bad Heart, Blood Clots, Fainting Spells, Thyroid Issues: WZ
Silencing Conservatives Could Destroy U.S.: Kurt Schlichter
Learning to Love Cloward-Piven: Stephen McDonald

Hillary energized, but voters show signs of Clinton fatigue: Ben Wolfgang
The Sound and Fury of Endorsements Rock Amash’s World: Rod Kackley
Needed: An Enlightened Citizenry That Values Liberty: Jacob G. Hornberger


School uses seduction to turn male teachers onto Common Core: EAG
Court Decision in California will Improve Education: Star Parker
Mark Cuban explains student loan bubble crisis: Scoop

Scandal Central

Mega Obama Donor Indicted for Fraud and Manslaughter: Steven Ahle
The EPA was destroying computer files way before those hacks at the IRS: Hot Air
The top 9 times “Obama didn’t know” about scandals: FAM

Board of IRS email contractor Sonasoft wants to get ‘Silicon Valley’s Wannabe Obama’ elected: Unyielding
Eric Holder’s ‘terrorism committee’ has identified the enemy, and it is us: Kenric Ward
The IRS Missing Email Scandal – A Brazen Obstruction Of Justice: NoisyRm

Climate & Energy

Analysis of Obama's Plan to Save the World From Greenhouse Gasses: Mish
The scandal of fiddled global warming data: Christopher Booker, Telegraph
Lies Are All They Have: DailyPundit


Woodward and Bernstein on IRS: Neither press nor Democrats doing enough to get answers: Scoop
How bad is Detroit? Headliner rapper cancels show after mob confronts him: DTG
Trey Gowdy Shows His Humorous Side While Describing His “Dream”: Dancing Czars

Clintons Have Three Cayman Island Accounts: S&L (2007)
Hillary Clinton Net Worth: CelebNewWorth
Greta: Obama ‘Doesn’t Give A Damn’ About Marine Held In Mexican Prison: Pat Dollard


Poland's Foreign Minister Blasts Obama Administration: U.S. Alliance is 'Worthless, Harmful...': AmPower
Woodward: Generals Were on their Knees Begging Obama to Keep Some Troops in Iraq: Breitbart
Cheney: Another 9-11 Coming, But 'Far Deadlier': Trey Sanchez

The Man Who Broke the Middle East: Elliot Abrams, Politico
Obama's former CIA chief says we made it very clear ISIS was a growing threat: Poor Richard
Muslim Brotherhood Reveals Obama Ordered Shift of Support from US Allies to Islamist Groups: Daniel Greenfield

Nice: ISIS Posts Photo of Their Members Chilling With Sen. John McCain: RWN
Reports: Judge Who Sentenced Saddam Hussein To Death Has Been Executed By ISIS: ZH
Kurdish oil shipped from Turkey without Baghdad’s permission arrives in Israel: BCF

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

16 year old programmer made something awesome that has politicians terrified: YC
Card Wash: Card Breaches at Car Washes: Brian Krebs
Mountains Soar Above the Appalachians in this Dramatic NASA Photo: UniverseToday


Homeland Security’s Escort Service Solicitation: Now Servicing Client #9: MOTUS
Attempt At World's Longest Car Jump Goes Awesomely Awry!: BCF
A Human Being Evolves a Little: GoV

Image: School uses seduction to turn male teachers onto Common Core
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QOTD: "So, NYT is now advocating that US spends our money, earned by our citizens, to take care of little innocents from other countries while neglecting the same little innocents we have here? If NYT's argument has any validity, then shouldn't we take care of any little kid who appears at the border? Do we have the resources, as a nation, to shelter and feed the little innocents of the world? If not the world, then how shall we choose whom we take care of and whom we reject?

It should be obvious to everyone who can think for themselves that the little ones just didn't appear there — they were transported there by the governments involved. You propose to feed them? How about billing those governments for the care of their citizens? That would be fair to the Americans, wouldn't it? How about advocating that, hmmmm?" --An outraged reader of The New York Times

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