Tuesday, June 10, 2014

SAY, @GOPLEADER ERIC CANTOR: How's That Amnesty Deal With @BarackObama Working Out For Ya?

An immense upset just occurred in Virginia's Congressional District 7. Dave Brat -- Tea Party Challenger -- just unseated the sitting House Majority Leader Eric Cantor.

Cantor, of course, had been secretly conspiring with the most lawless president in American history to pass various forms of Amnesty.

Gee, I guess Amnesty isn't the winning issue that Jeb Bush, Mitt Romney and the Chamber of Crony Capitalism say it is.

Well done to Dave Brat and all of the Constitutional conservatives who supported him. You can help him out here for the General Election in November.

Hat tip: BadBlue News


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Thank God cantor and his ally lying Obama have lost and will not see illegals amnesty hurt the Middle class America.....
brit hume on fox was ready to cry now that illegals amnesty is gone
Democrats and lying Obama rinos..................... we will remember in November !@!!!!!!

Matthew W said...

Thank you Virginia !!!