Sunday, June 29, 2014

Larwyn's Linx: Obama Goes Back to Phony Scandal Claims

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Obama Goes Back to Phony Scandal Claims: LI
Illness, Tight Quarters for Illegals Recipe for ‘Public Health Crisis’: Signal
Brave New Charity: The Hillary Clinton Fund for Broke Politicians: CommonCents

Barney Fife Meets Delta Force: Charles C.W. Cooke
The Blueing of Texas: iOTW
Mississippi Aftermath of The Republican Un-Civil War: Jen Kuznicki

‘Suffer Not Yourselves To Be Betrayed With A Kiss’: Camp o' the Saints
Some GOP senators reportedly uneasy with tactics in MS runoff: Hot Air
The Liberty Strategy: VARight

The Obamification Of America: Michael Reagan
My Real Life Concealed Carry Encounter: Jody Lewis
States Encourage Bilingualism, Balkanization With Diploma Seals: ABC


Multiple Democrats come up with the same “surprising” proposals: Jazz Shaw
Study: All Employment Growth Since 2000 Went to Immigrants: NRO
U.S. GDP Shrinks at Fastest Rate in 5 Years: AllGov

Scandal Central

5 Questions for Senators Mitch McConnell and Jerry Moran: Daniel Horowitz
How to Fight Back Against the GOP Establishment’s Worst Treachery Yet: Steve Deace
Walking Mistake Sebelius: “I Made Some Mistakes”: WZ

Climate & Energy

Canada pulls the plug on the U.S. Keystone Pipeline – will send oil to Asia: WUWT
Would Three 1,000-Foot Walls Tornado-Proof the Midwest?: Marfdrat
Global warming news: Parts of Lake Michigan and Superior still have temps in 30s: Marathon


'Killing O'Reilly': Jason Mattera Fires Back at Bill for Condemning his Hillary Confrontation as 'Crude': GJWHG
NY Times investigation reveals NY Times did fine on IRS coverage: Hot Air
Dips*** Kook Max Brooks Compares Tea Party to... Nazis: Breitbart


5 New Signs of the West’s Myopia About the Jihad Threat: Robert Spencer
'Infidels must wear red collars and shave heads': 'Nazi' vision of Muslim Britain: DailyMail
Report: Israel tells U.S. it would act to save Jordan from Islamists: Haaretz

Gop: Just Say ‘No’ To Ex-Im: Larry Kudlow
Obama Isn’t an Introvert, He’s a Narcissist: Daniel Greenfield
Jews barred from African Union summit: Geller

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Facebook ran secret psychological experiments on users: iMore
Google's cardboard VR headset is no joke -- it's great for the Oculus Rift: CNet
Pley Is like Netflix for LEGO: Dave Greenbaum


Actress Amy Adams Gives Soldier Her First-Class Seat: Cathy Burke
Another Day, Another Crisis: MOTUS
Why Americans Dislike Soccer: RWN

Image: Iraq receives Russian jets as it battles militants to take back Tikrit

QOTD: "Mitch McConnell, John McCain, Karl Rove, Thad Cochran, Haley Barbour, the NRSC, et al, must answer for this [the race-baiting ads supporting Cochran]. To say they were not involved in blatantly racist behavior is not good enough. They’ve yet to condemn this activity let alone demand that those behind it be exposed." --Mark Levin

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Anonymous said...

lets see if crying Boehner gives Obama the 2 billion dollars of taxpayer money for the illegals at the southern border. will Boehner cave again and give the money with no strings >>??????

we need a conservative speaker for 2015