Sunday, June 15, 2014

Larwyn's Linx: Obama Opens Borders to Mexican Gang Members

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Obama Opens Borders to Mexican Gang Members: Kellan Howell
3 Obama Contradictions Revealed by the Debacle in Iraq: Robert Spencer
The absurdity of McCarthy replacing Cantor as Majority Leader: Exam

Obama Even Worse Than We Thought: Peter Wehner
6 Reasons Obama Lost Iraq: Ben Shapiro
Obama’s Foreign Policy in one Tweet – by a member of his own staff!: Hideout

Influx of Illegal Alien Minors a Disaster; Overcrowded Shelters and Diseases: JW
Caged, diseased, desperate: Shocking pics of illegal immigrants flooding in: Mail
Is it possible Obama is hoping to goad the GOP into impeaching him?: Lifson

Poor, Poor Hillary: Rick Jensen
Kathleen Willey blasts Hillary’s ‘dead broke’ claim: Bob Unruh
Federal deficit for May 2014: $130 billion: Bankrupting


Democrats Bank on Heavy Student Loan Debt as Election-year Issue: PJM
How to Live With Your Parents: Thomas Purcell
California Can’t Convince Drivers to Trade in Clunkers for Cash: Signal

Scandal Central

White House Claim that Lerner’s Emails Are “Lost” Is Ludicrous: Power Line
IRS Rules: Lerner Required to Keep Printed Copies of 'Lost' Emails: Blaze
BOOM! IRS Head testified in March that they had Lois Lerner emails: Scoop

Climate & Energy

Baghdad's Fall Would Make Current Gas Prices ‘Look Like A Bargain’: RightPundit
Man Burns Massive Amounts of Fossil Fuel To Complain About “Climate Change”: RWN
Fate of Ukraine-Russia gas talks unclear as deadline looms: Reuters


AP on IRS: No ‘evidence’ of outside pressure to target conservatives: Renee Nal
NEW YORKER’s Ryan Lizza Sorta Gets It About Dave Brat: VDARE
Hillary's already running: Carl Cannon

‘Exhausted’ Obama to drive golf balls as ISIS drives on Baghdad, Twitter erupts: BPR
Adam Carolla Rips "Ambush" Interview With NPR Host: "Speech Is Free Unless You Disagree With Them": RCP
ACTOR JAMES WOODS RIPS ON OBAMA: “Who Could Support This Loser Anymore?”: Clash

Harsh Words Provoke Harsh Reactions: Villainous Company
Correct Number Of Mass School Shootings Since Sandy Hook: ZERO: Bob Owens
NAACP Threatens LifeNews for Reporting Its Abortion Advocacy: LifeNews


ISIS terror leader's last words in US detention: "See you in New York": Poor Richard
Iraq War Vet Explains How JACKED UP Iraq Is With Blistering Tweet: Clash
Latest turn in Iraq spreads dismay among US veterans: Edward Colimore, Stripes

Stranded Americans in Iraq: Contractors Evacuating, Embassy Diplomats and Staff to Stay Put: IJR
ISIS Carries Out Gruesome Mass Execution of Shiite Soldiers: WZ
#ISIS Posts Sunni Police Chief Beheading in #WorldCup Tweet — WARNING GRAPHIC: AmPower

Erdogan’s Son Caught with Al-Qaeda Financier: Mead
GRAPHIC: ISIS releases PHOTOS of Mass Executions: Pamela Geller
As south heats up, Iron Dome deployed near Ashdod: Times of Israel

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Hookup App Tinder Gets Coveted Anthony Weiner Endorsement On Twitter: BuzzFeed
CSAIL wireless technology measures heart rate and breathing through walls: MIT
LG G Watch International Giveaway: Darcy LaCouvee


America’s Families Need Strong Fathers: Marco Rubio
Iraq Islamists Suspend Attack While Obama Rests: Keith Koffler
Holy Cow! How Will You Celebrate Father’s Day?: MOTUS

Image: It Looks Like Chelsea Clinton Made $26,724 For Each Minute She Appeared On NBC
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QOTD: "President Obama spoke on Iraq earlier today, pledging to do nothing and essentially saying nothing, even as that nation is breaking apart, with Islamic militants overrunning Iraq and vowing to capture Baghdad.

In light of the unfolding disaster in Iraq, which is linked to the unfolding disaster in Syria, which is part of a broader failure in the Middle East, which is only one part of an across-the-board failure in foreign policy, which is separate from the failures at home–including and ObamaCare more broadly, chronically high unemployment, the stimulus and “shovel ready jobs,” a historically weak economic recovery, the lowest workforce participation rate since the 1970s, increasing income inequality, and record poverty–the following needs to be said. Even those of us who were highly critical of Mr. Obama early on, who twice voted against him and worked in campaigns to defeat him, could not envision how epically incompetent he would be.

The harm this man has done is immeasurable. And he still has more than two years left to go.

Mr. Obama belongs in a category all his own." --Peter Wehner


Anonymous said...

VA scandal, Obamacare, IRS scandal, Benghazi scandal…

What’s a president to do with a critical midterm on the horizon and even your own party heading for the exits? Why not go back to the play book from 2008 and ride into office on the back of a Rahm Emmanuel serious crisis? Get everyone panicked and distracted from the scandal de jour of the week and onto the biggest shinny squirrel there is.

The economy is only hobbling along on the crutch of Federal reserve policy anyway – why not knock out the crutch and plunge the economy the beginnings of a depression. A foreign policy crisis can also crop up to stir things up even more.

So let’s say that the crisis is upon the country and people have stopped thinking about all the scandals and throwing comrades out of office, what is the best way to exploit it Expect them to blame someone besides themselves for the scandal, with freedom being on the top of their list as what will need to e curtailed in the crisis, albeit temporarily of course

A). Delay the Election
‘Bev’ Perdue floated this trial balloon previously, so it’s nothing to resurrect it now an take care of the immediate threat to Democrat power. Pretend to plead with the people for a little bit of time to take care of the danger and the Repubs can have their precious midterms when it is more appropriate and not In the middle of a emergency.

B). Spread the wealth around
A top priority for any Marxist, and the country in dire straits would make it imperative, not to mention a great way to encourage the Dem masses to turn out to vote themselves some nifty loot that the party has liberated from the evil rich.
I Cancellation of debt
First of all we have a cancellation of debt for certain deserving persons like union members, students and the like. It won’t even take a phone, with the sweep of a pen, trillions can be transferred.
II Nationalize 401k’s
Is it fair that some should have all that money socked away while others are suffering?
III Tax those savings!
By the same token, why should some have all that money saved away in the bank in an emergency. We are all in one collective lifeboat, and all will have to sacrifice – some more than others.

C). Amnesty/Citizenship
Lookie here we got all these people streaming over the open border. A mini crisis that begs for those invaders to be made whole. An emergency would be a good time to add a few million new Democratic voters to the rolls so when we are finally forced to have elections it’ll be a foregone conclusion.
D). Raise taxes!
Someone has to pay for all the goodies – it might as well be those rich people who don’t vote Democrap.
E). Government takeovers of some critical industries.
The Dems want no more guns to their foes in the repub and tea parties so why not take over the gun industry and run it into the ground Amtrack style. Same thing with the evil oil companies to pave the way for clean power by unicorn farts.

Anonymous said...

VA scandal, Obamacare, IRS scandal, Benghazi scandal…


F). Push though single payer socialized medicine.
The Dems will want thing to be more fair for all. They’ll start up those death panels at the same time during al the crisis confusion

G). Martial law/Constitution suspension/Gun confiscation.
We’re talkin a big confusing crisis here with most voters watching dancing with the stars to know what is going on, so why not?
Shoot for the moon they’ll say.

H). Of course, with the constitution suspended who will keep the local system in line without the bureaucracy?

Easy, Obama civilian security for that is just a funded and powerful as the military

I). Another Stimulus
It’s likely they will try this as well to spread some wealth around to …themselves.

Bottom line, they’re going to throw whatever they can up against the wall and see what sticks.