Tuesday, June 24, 2014

24 Questions About the Massive Surge of Illegal Aliens on Our Purposely Unguarded Southern Border

By Ronald W. Mortensen

Much has been written about the large numbers of unaccompanied minors illegally entering the United States. However there are a myriad of questions that need to be asked and answered about the effect that this will have on the United States. Here are a couple of dozen:

Who Is Paying?

  1. Are American taxpayers covering the $1.4 billion to $2 billion costs to care for children illegally entering the United States while still continuing to provide hundreds of millions of dollars of foreign assistance to the home countries of these children?

  2. Is the United States using the funds set aside for foreign aid to these countries to cover the costs incurred by their children illegally entering the United States and to send them home? If not, why not?

Impact on Education

  1. What happens to the tens of thousands poorly educated young people who don't speak English once they arrive at their final destinations in the United States?

  2. How much will it cost taxpayers to teach these children English and bring them up to grade level so they can eventually graduate from high school?

  3. How do public schools take thousands of poorly educated teens who don't speak English and prepare them to graduate from high school?

  4. What percentage of these teens and other unaccompanied minors who illegally enter the United States will drop out of school?

Impact on Criminal and Gang Activities

  1. How many young men being allowed to enter the United States illegally already have gang ties in their home countries?

  2. What percentage of these unaccompanied minors will join gangs and engage in other criminal activities within the next decade?

Failure of Mexico and Central American Countries to Care for Their Citizens

  1. Are Mexico and Central American countries deliberately shipping children of poor families with limited education and, in some cases, with existing gang ties to the United States?

  2. Why isn't Mexico controlling its southern border and why does it allow highly vulnerable, unaccompanied children to pass through its territory?

  3. What is Mexico doing to protect these unaccompanied children from abuse?

U.S. Support for Family Breaking Up Families

  1. If the United States cannot break up families by deporting illegal aliens with families, then why does it encourage unaccompanied youth without family members in the United States to illegally enter the country?

  2. If illegal aliens in the United States have such strong family units, why did they leave their children in their countries of origin and why do they now encourage these children to risk their lives by traveling on their own with cruel, human smugglers to the United States?

  3. Why do mothers and children leave their husbands and why do husbands leave their wives and children behind when they come illegally to the United States and how does this contribute to family unity?

  4. What happens to mothers with small children, who have left their husbands behind, who do not speak English and who have no way to legally make a living once in the United States?

Living Expenses and Jobs for Illegal Entrants

  1. Who will cover the living and other expenses of illegal entrants once they are in the United States?

  2. Will young mothers and others entering the United States commit felonies in order to obtain Social Security numbers required to get jobs or will they work off the books?

Reasons for Illegal Immigration by Unaccompanied Minors

  1. What is leading to this mass inflow of unaccompanied child illegal aliens — poverty and fear of crime in their home countries as the Obama administration claims, or encouragement from the administration through executive orders and the failure to have American ambassadors who are appointed by the president try to stop the flow from their countries of assignment?

  2. Why is life in the Central American countries and in Mexico so bad that their citizens are forced to risk their lives to get to the United States?

  3. Are the elites in these countries trying to make life better for their fellow citizens or are they shipping their poor to the United States in order to preserve their privileges?

  4. Is this outflow of the poor a way to reduce the threat of violence against the ruling and economic elites?

What is the U.S. Doing to Stop the Flow of Unaccompanied Minors

  1. Is the United States cutting foreign assistance to countries that allow children to flee and to cross their territory?

  2. What is the United States doing to prevent illegal aliens from crossing into the United States?

  3. Is the administration demanding that Mexico control its side of the border and stop the unlawful flow of people into the United States?

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Anonymous said...

The Manchurian President. (A nice way of saying "traitor.")

We all here knew it in 2007.

There is only one group of people to blame for the staggering fiasco of 'Barack Hussein Obama:' the corrupt American media.

Andrea said...

Anonymous - totally agree with first two statements.
As to blame - we all have brains, Americans pulled the damn levers.

Until we, the people get that, we will go on blaming media or other but no one put a gun to our heads on voting day.

And we are the ONLY ones who can do a damn thing about it. Us. We, the People.