Thursday, June 26, 2014

Larwyn's Linx: GOP Establishment Turns Out Democrat Voters in Primary

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GOP Establishment Turns Out Democrat Voters in Primary: R.S. McCain
McDaniel: “We’re not going to concede right now, we’re going to investigate”: Scoop
This is Treachery: Daniel Horowitz

Anti-Amnesty Hawk Matt Salmon Named to Immigration ‘Working Group’: Breitbart
Invasion On Our Borders and The Last Gasp of "White America": Sara Noble
Criminal Illegal Alien 'Stash Houses' Thrive Along Texas-Mexico Border: AmPower

To Impeach or Not to Impeach: David Solway
Obama’s ‘lawlessness’ now beyond ‘partisanship’: Jerome R. Corsi
In L.A., Even the Buses Are Racist: Outcast

16 Reasons Why the United States is Going to Hell in a Handbasket: Survivalist
Sec. of Education should put his money where his mouth is: Hughey Newsome
Supreme Court: No Cell Phone Searches Without a Warrant: FW


BRUTAL: Q1 GDP revised sharply downward to -2.9%: Ed Morrissey
Collapse: “This Is A Monstrous Negative Revision”: SHTFplan
Thanks, Obama! 1st Quarter GDP Was Actually a Disastrous -2.9%: JWF

Scandal Central

The EPA… has had some convenient hard drive crashes, too.: Moe Lane
Report: Lois Lerner Tried to Get a Sitting GOP Senator in IRS Trouble: Tatler
HUGE: EPA refuses to turn over subpoenaed documents, citing hard drive failure: Poor Richard

Exposed: How The Va Red-Flags ‘Disruptive’ Vets: Michelle Malkin
The Shocking Hidden Agenda Behind the Border Crisis: Ion Mihai Pacepa
WH Counsel Can’t Name One Person She Worked With During 6-Month Stint at IRS: CNS

Climate & Energy

EPA employees warned to stop defecating in the hallways: Hot Air
Who Knew That Stealing A/C Units Is Now A Federal Offense Under The Clean Air Act?: Cove
Warmist Offers $10,000 Bet To Disprove “Climate Change”: Cove


CBS Maintains Blackout on Speaker Boehner's Lawsuit Against Obama White House: MRC
NYT: Publisher Won't Make Back Hillary's Large Book Advance: Daniel Halper
Anti-Gun Columnist Asks If It’s Time for the Government to Kill “Gun Nuts”: Dan Cannon


Terror warning: Syria fighters with U.S. passports and non-metallic bombs bound for America?: Hot Air
House Intel Chair: Obama Had Specific Intel On ISIS Activities In Iraq, Failed To Act: WZ
Kerry issues stern warning after Syria bombs Iraq: AP

Revisionist History Prevails On Iraq Invasion: Victor Davis Hanson
“Nightmare scenario”: ISIS encircling Baghdad: JihadWatch
Groups seek UN aid for Detroit water shut-offs: DetNews

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

PayPal Two-Factor Authentication Broken: Dark Reading
How U.S. Bank Is Taking its Customer Experience to the Next Level: BankTech
Attackers fling Stuxnet-style RATs at critical control software in EUROPE: Register


We Have Her Name: iOTW
If you must whine, at least whine like a girl.: MOTUS
Planetary Panoramas - 360 Degree Night-Sky Time-Lapse: Vincent Brady, Music by Brandon McCoy

Image: Postcards From Hell
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: Everything Is Racism

QOTD: "Obama wanted out of Iraq, and ran in 2008 with a promise to do just that. A year after the troop pullout, during a 2012 debate, Mitt Romney said he wanted a residual force to remain. Obama pointedly disagreed, saying that leaving “10,000 troops in Iraq … would tie us down.”

Incredibly, Obama now blames the Iraqis for his refusal to leave any troops. Obama says he wanted legal protection for the soldiers left behind and that Iraq’s parliament would not provide it. So Obama happily walked away, blaming it on “a decision made by the Iraqi government” to reject the offer of “a modest residual force.” Obama sure had no difficulty in quickly working out an agreement — via diplomatic notes, without the approval of Iraq’s parliament — for the recently promised 300 “advisers.”" --Larry Elder

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