Monday, June 01, 2015

Larwyn's Linx: 'Ferguson Effect': America's New Crime Wave Is All Part of the Plan

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'Ferguson Effect': America's New Crime Wave Is All Part of the Plan: John Nolte
The New Nationwide Crime Wave: Heather Mac Donald
When District Attorneys Attack: Kevin D. Williamson

Hillary Clinton: the gold standard of flawed candidates?: Matt Vespa
The Only Way Hillary’s Democratic Competition Can Defeat Her: Roger L. Simon
Obama in Process of Repealing 2nd Amendment By Executive Order: Steven Ahle

Rand Paul Loses His Mind: PAC runs birther ad attacking Ted Cruz: RS
Let's Not Forget...: Ben Howe
Rand Paul: Some Critics 'Secretly Want' Terrorists to Attack the United States: WS

Details revealed of Jihadist Shot Dead Trying to Hijack OH Plane: GWP
King: Muslim Groups Cry Harassment When Asked to Help Fight ISIS: Tatler
The end of the first female Ranger experiment: Jonn Lilyea


New Report Finds Obamacare Overhead to Cost $273 Billion: ATR
Probe: PA Paid $2.2 Billion in Fraudulent Unemployment Insurance: RS
End Income Inequality In America: Cut Media CEO Compensation: Ace

Scandal Central

Clinton’s corruption: She peddles influence, accomplishes nothing: Jack Kelly
Hillary's top aide with terror ties saw all emails: Aaron Klein
Next Judicial Throwdown for Obama’s Executive Amnesty comes in July: RS

Climate & Energy

Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse wants to wage a RICO lawsuit against climate skeptics, i.e., you.: Moe Lane
EPA about to fundamentally transform the trucking industry. : Star-Tribune
GOP Pledges to 'Rein In' Obama on EPA Rules, Global Warming: Matthew Daly, AP


Opec under siege as Isil threatens world's oil lifeline: Andrew Critchlow
Iraq Lost 2,300 Humvees in Mosul to ISIS – Worth $579 Million: GWP
John Kerry: metaphor from Hell: RS

The West's "Ardent" Feminists Abandon Women to the Caliph: Arutz Sheva
Obama: ‘Heaven Forbid’ a Terrorist Attack Happens After Senate Inaction on Patriot Act: Fred Lucas
Ruthless Trials Show Iran Can’t Be Trusted: Debra Saunders

Qatar Extends Travel Ban for Obama’s Gitmo Taliban Dream Team: GWP
Israel’s education minister: ‘I don’t believe in giving up our land’: Lally Weymouth
Refugees stream into Europe, where they are not welcomed with open arms: Jacob Poushter

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

4,000-Year-Old Babylonian Tablet Is Oldest Customer Service Complaint Ever Discovered: Liz Leafloor
MD Anderson Researchers Identify Protein With Therapeutic Potential for Brain Cancer: BioNews
From the Editors: It’s time for enterprise developers to embrace JavaScript: SD Times


Perpetually Aggrieved Muslim Flyer Tahera Ahmad – Not Her First Grievance Rodeo: Treehouse
‘Big Grandma Is Watching You’: Hillary Clinton posts odd photo of her staring at a cake: Twitchy
Ulama, The Mesoamerican Ball Game: Deadly Sport of the Ancient Americas: Ancient Origins

Image: Rand Paul PAC runs birther ad attacking Ted Cruz
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