Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Just in time for Christmas: "Read the 4th Amendment, Perverts" scanner-ready undergarments for kids

That's the beauty of the free market system: you can never predict what it'll come up with next. In this case, protest T-shirts for kids, its messages laced in steel to make a statement legible to scanner operators in airports everywhere.

Now that I think about it, hopefully Cargo Collective has some kind of affiliate marketing program with retroactive bonus payments.

I've got some ideas for other messages, though they wouldn't necessarily be kid-friendly. Like this one:

And no, it's not a veiled allusion to sexual preference: it's an unveiled allusion to the future of TSA inspections.

Hat tip: LB

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Anonymous said...

"What are you reading this for? You're supposed to be looking at my pecker!"

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