Saturday, December 04, 2010

In Photos: the Role Models Who Want to Regulate Your Cupcakes

Michelle Obama's mission is to cut down on childhood obesity. Her mechanism is, predictably, a federal takeover that costs billions.

And check out the role models for better nutrition:

This is Surgeon General Regina Benjamin and FLOTUS.

Maybe they should ban nachos in their own pantries while they're at it.

Yeah, I said it. Sue me.

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Zilla said...

I'm not fat, and I eat whatever I like. I was underweight until I had kids & I am still on the smaller side of 'normal'. My kids aren't fat, I know how to feed them responsibly and they are lean and healthy. Who the hell do those fat b!tches think they are to tell me what the hell to feed my kids? Barry & Sasquatch's kids aren't exactly svelte either. Food Nazi, heal thyself. Lady Sasquatch looks like she's 6 months pregnant and has a rear end like a horse. Barry should consider getting his wife a Jenny Craig czar.

Zilla said...

Sorry about the language but that nasty classless self-righteous hypocrite just really ticks me off.

Anonymous said...

Baby got back....fat

Frank G

West to the West Wing 2012 said...

Sorry, but I have known more than one female P.E. teacher built like Michelle. She is in great shape in terms of physical fitness, and I think people's readiness to call an athletic-but-large woman "fat" is the kind of thing that contributes to the eating-disorders epidemic among young American women. I loathe Michelle as much as anyone here does, but your ad hominem (or ad feminem, whatever) attacks against her physique indicate to me that you all have warped thinking about body image.

The other thing you must remember is that she is BLACK. Black women's butts are shaped DIFFERENTLY from white women's butts! Have you really and truly never noticed that?

As for Regina Benjamin, yes, she actually is overweight. But she looks a heck of a lot better in this photograph than she did in earlier photos--and I notice she's wearing hiking clothes and some sort of backpack, and she's in a Southwest-looking setting (Big Bend? Grand Canyon?), so it looks to me like she is trying to get in better shape--for which I think she should be commended.

Mike aka Proof said...

The Surgeon General...who's that in there with her?

Van Halen said...

This has nothing to do with obesity, health, or nutrition.
It has everything to do with:
1) Getting government control of the food, from growth to actual serving.
2) Once under government control, fod industry workers become government workers.
3) Once they are government workers, they can be unionized under SEIU
4) Now a portion of every paycheck and food sale goes to the the SEIU and thus, the DNC.

skh.pcola said...

Black women's butts are shaped DIFFERENTLY from white women's butts!


Anonymous said...

I think that you need to look at FLOTUS' fat gut, not the butt, if you want insight into her putative obesity.

I find it offensive and unwanted for big brother to mandate our diets. The 5 billion dollar get rich scheme for contractors who provide the school salad bars is an obsenity.

I for one am counting the days until the election of 2012.....

Anonymous said...

Excellent pictures. It's a classic case of "do as I say and not as I do."

Another example would be their requirement that the little people use mercury-laced curly light bulbs to save the planet while they jet all over the same planet in Air Force One.

The_Bad said...

"She is in great shape in terms of physical fitness"

Since when does the pear represent a great shape?

Chris Wysocki said...

They're Democrats, have you ever met a Democrat who didn't expect the government to tell her how to live her life? Ergo, they need a law to make them get into shape.