Friday, June 06, 2014

The Most Startling Chart of the Obama Era

I happened to look at the official government statistics for the Labor Force Participation Rate. This is the percentage of adults 16 and over that are in the workforce.

I noticed something that I haven't heard others point out.

Take a look at the rate and walk down each column (each month) since January of 2009 when SCOAMF was first inaugurated.

Did you notice it?

Adjusted for seasonality, the labor force participation rate (LFR) has never increased -- not once -- under Obama! Normalized by month, the LFR has been on a non-stop ride to progressive Utopia (i.e., full unemployment).

This is a stunning repudiation of the Obama economic agenda. Stunning.

Mind you, this is the Obama administration's own set of statistics. Having confirmed that the White House routinely publishes fake economic statistics (e.g., "Census ‘faked’ 2012 election jobs report"), the true data may be even worse.

And what is this, the fourth or fifth annual Summer of Recovery©®™?

Hat tip: BadBlue News


Drumwaster said...

I was just about to point out that the rate did rise fractionally near the top of the chart, but then I remembered that was under Bush's "worst economy since Hoover", when 5% unemployment was "horrific", and $400 billion annual deficits were "unpatriotic" and a "betrayal".

Good times...

Anonymous said...

Actually, it has risen a couple of times, but for only a month before it goes back down again. Man, this is really pathetic - how can anyone defend this economic "plan?"

Anonymous said...

Ach! Of course, that's taking into account season stuff. Sorry. This truly is horrifying.

The MUSEman said...

I've written it before and I'll write it again:

The Labor Participation Rate was much lower during Dwight Eisenhower's eight years as President.

That Liberals haven't noticed this and used it to their advantage surprises me.

Thanks for reading!

Michael S. Kochin said...

In the Obama Era, June Cleaver is a feminist icon!

Anonymous said...

Few women worked in the 50s, so you're comparing apples to oranges when you compare today's labor force participation rate for all adults over 16 with that of Eisenhower's.

mschilli said...

That's a pretty short dataset you're using. If you look at the whole dataset (going back to 1948) you will come away realizing three important thing:
1. The average variation in the last thirty years has been miniminal (Min: 63.2; Max: 67.1; Avg: 65.9), but highest under Clinton. If you want to go back still further, it climbed dramatically from 1963 onwards. It's also worth noting that in the last thirty years, unemployment fell under Reagan, Clinton, and Obama. It increased under both Bushes. You can play with the data yourself: