Saturday, April 04, 2015

Larwyn's Linx: Obama’s "Justice" Department Charges Menendez … But Not Harry Reid

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Obama "Justice" Department Charges Menendez...But Not Reid: Andrew C. McCarthy
Border Security: Texas Leads While Feds Fail: Matt Mackowiak
Top Dems voice 'great skepticism' over Iran nuclear deal: Mike Lillis

Somali Refugees to US Increased 250% Under Obama: Daniel Greenfield
Americans Arrested for Financing Al-Shabaab Somali Terror Group: Ryan Mauro
Pro-Terror Paper: Obama Said ”Khamenei, I am at your service!”: Daniel Greenfield

Some Indiana Interrogatories: Power Line
Discrimination in Indiana - Private or Political?: Richard Ebeling
I Am Not Going To Your Gay Wedding; Please Protest: John Hawkins

Poll: Ted Cruz Enters Top Tier of GOP Hopefuls: LI
Jeb Bush Relationship With Fraudster Claudio Osorio Gets New Scrutiny: NLPC
Kansas Joins Constitutional Carry States, Anti-Gun Columnist Loses Mind: Bob Owens


Even the BLS has run out of bulls***: recession confirmed: Jim Quinn
Record 93,175,000 Americans Not In The Labor Force: Breitbart
H-1B proponents hide abuses behind phony claims: Ross Eisenbrey

Scandal Central

Obama’s Militarization of CIA: The XX Committee
What Really Happened to Harry Reid, Part 3: Power Line
FBI Uncovers Another Of Its Own Plots, Feinstein Responds with Call to Censor The Internet:

Are They Arming for Riots Across America?: Mac Slavo
Boston Bombing Report: Officers Lacked Weapon Discipline: Marc Fortier
Illegal Immigrant Drug Smuggler Sues Border Patrol After Dog Bites Him During Arrest: John Brodigan

Climate & Energy

Unhide the EPA Global Warming Tax: Phil Kerpen


The Accidental Gawker: Gavin McInnes
Agents of Chaos: Daniel Wiser
Senator Ted Cruz thanks Jesus Christ in first campaign ad: BPR

CBS Employee @AlixBryan Targeted #MemoriesPizza GoFund Had Lavish Vegas Party: GotNews
Covert warfare coming to Texas sparks some fears of federal takeover: Dylan Baddour, Houston Chronicle
Letters: 55 years later, thoughts on 'Operation Jade Helm': Larry Daley


Iranian Regime Holds “Down With America” Protest Day After Nuclear Deal Announced: GWP
Ayatollah Khamenei On Iran Deal: We Have Triumphed Over Our Enemies: WZ
Arabs Blast "Obama's Deal" With Iran: Khaled Abu Toameh

US rejects Netanyahu’s demand for Iranian recognition of Israel: Times of Israel
Anti-Israel protesters call ‘Kill the Jews’ in Vienna: Times of Israel
The relentless march to a more united Europe: John Redwood MP

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Top tech cars at the 2015 New York Auto Show: Bill Howard
10 unusual detector materials: Troy Rummler
New York 2015: Mercedes-Benz G 65 AMG: GTspirit


A Little Sympathy For The Devil, Please: MOTUS
How Evil Are New Jersey’s Gun Laws? This Evil: Extrano's Alley
California man gets 18 years for US 'revenge porn' site: Phys.Org

Image: Teen Survivor of Garissa, Kenya College Massacre Found Alive
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QOTD: "Clearing the way for Iran to get nuclear bombs may — probably will — be the most catastrophic decision in human history. And it can certainly change human history, irrevocably, for the worse.

Against that grim background, it is almost incomprehensible how some people can be preoccupied with the question whether having Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu address Congress, warning against the proposed agreement, without the prior approval of President Obama, was a breach of protocol.

Against the background of the Obama administration’s negotiating what can turn out to be the most catastrophic international agreement in the nation’s history, to complain about protocol is to put questions of etiquette above questions of annihilation." --Thomas Sowell

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