Sunday, October 03, 2010

Larwyn's Linx: Dem Race-Baiter Promises Lame-Duck Amnesty Bill

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Dem Race-Baiter Promises Lame-Duck Amnesty Bill: Polipundit
OneNation: November’s Choices Are Clearer Than Ever: RedState
The New Progressive Dominion: Wizbang

Beware the Bloodthirsty Pacifists: HHR
Democrat Voters Don’t Know Who Controls Congress: Polipundit
AZ Sheriff: Obama’s ‘Got His Hands Wrapped Around Our Throat': CNS

The Anti-American Extremist Groups Behind "OneNation": Virtuous
The One Nation Rally In A Nutshell: Nice Deb
One Nation Draws 800,000; Obama Blows It Off: RWN


The Problem with a Health Care Monopsony: AT
$400K-a-year Chicago Prof whines about Obama's tax policies: RWN
Lefty Rally Largely a Bust: RWN

'One Nation' Damns ObamaCare: BMW
At 'One Nation' rally, a unionized show of unity: York
‘One Nation Unionizing Together’ Rally or 'Trashapalooza': Powers

Get Government Motors Out of Politics!: Tapscott
GM's IPO: UAW Pump-and-Dump?: NLPC
GM's Stage-Managed IPO: IBD

Climate & Energy

Weekly address finally discusses jobs; unfortunately it's the 'green' ones that don't exist yet: RWN
The UN's Environmental Extortion: AT


A Call For Photos From The "One Nation" Rally In Washington: LegalIns
Let’s Compare Aerial Pictures of the 10/2 & 8/28 Rallies: Blaze
‘One Nation’ Rally: Liberal Media Concludes Size Doesn’t Matter: PJM

Left-a-palooza!: Malkin
Dad, I Owe You One: AT
The Enthusiasm Gap: BlogProf

Catfight! Glenn Greenwald vs. Andrew Sullivan: RSM
Rush Limbaugh on Family Guy: Protein Wisdom
45 minutes with Joel Pollak: Chicago Clout


Second UBL Tape Surfaces: US Travel Alert for Europe: Jawa
Clinton Denies Calling for Regime Change in Iran: PJM (Mauro)
Pakistan: Islamist Gunmen Execute Entire Family of Christians Including Five Children: WZ

We Allow Them to Blackmail Us -- Islam vs. the West: AT
British Islamic Schools Forcing Girls to Wear the Niqab: WZ
Indonesia’s Top Islamic Body Condemns Homosexuality as a Human Rights Abuse: WZ


Augmented reality comes to mobile phones: CNet
Half of VMware customers virtualize Microsoft Exchange: NetworkWorld
Dying of Thirst: DailyWTF


Obama's #100 -- No Pressure!: iOTW
Triple H Bangs On Doors To Get Votes For Mother-In-Law Linda McMahon: DeadSpin
When Stewardesses Were Hot and Jets Were Cool: WSJ (Hefner)

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Really enjoyed the links...

Thank you.

Protein Wisdom provides a little positive spin of Mr. Limbaugh's appearance on one of the most ugly shows on the air. Sure it has funny moments, but the entire 'Family Guy' offering is one big Democratic Partisan form of bigotry - which vilifies the DNC opposition. The treatment of GW Bush and Mr. Cheney was so over the top - even Mrs. Palin, this is one show Mr. Limbaugh should have put his own ego to the side.

Rush has made a mantra of condemning many for reaching out to the other side, primarily via Media Outlets, and once again shows his hypocritical nature. He plays the game for his own needs quite often - this from a former diddohead, who defended the Celebrity Millionaire repeatedly over the years.

But the fawning over "24", hyping the idea Rush is accepted in fashionable circles, the ESPN folly - entertaining the ego, etc., etc., is a prime example of the imperfection. It isn't a problem of his being imperfect, it is the treatment of others on the good side in such a nasty hypocritical nature who are also imperfect, which is regretful.

Long ago, I wrote some associates maintaining the Limbaugh 'Family Guy' enabling was a huge mistake. But what can one expect from self interest? We have to accept the self interest in Politicians, if we have imperfections in Entertaining Celebrity Pundits.

On another note, the Blog 'Polipundit' is a regretful source, which was a symbol for the mindless fashion after 2004. The Blog foolishly went out of it's way to declare President Bush a 'traitor'. It was as delusional as the LGF folly. It all aided many vocal extremes to weaken Our best Conservative interests in Washington - greatly enabling the Democratic Partisan folly for 2006 and 2008.

Constructive criticism is one thing, suicidal insanity is another. It still amazes when one studies the record, just how wrong the Fashionable Angst was, or even how foolish the likes of many Elite Celebrity Conservatives embraced the sophistry, including Malkin, Limbaugh, Hannity, Levin, etc.

Polipundit is an example of the unhinged, baseless, sophistry which ends up aiding the disastrous Democratic Party.

Thank you.